Nicholas Comino

 Nicholas Comino

Gender & Sexuality VP
UQU Student Executive Queer Officer

I’m Nicholas Comino, your vice-president for gender and sexuality aka Queer Officer for 2018.

I am a 3rd year arts student who was born and raised in Brisbane. Since my time at UQ I’ve been actively involved in all aspects of campus culture.

From the classic events such as balls, dinners, pubcrawl a and networking to the more niche SMACK Anime Karaoke evening. I’ve also been involved in the UQ Debating Society and serve on the Executive of the UQ Jewish Students Society.

I’ve also been very active in the Queer Community at UQ, being a Grievance Officer for the UQU Queer Collective in 2015 and being the President of the UQ Pride Alliance in 2016 and 2017. During that time I helped build relationships with other University Queer Societies and worked with external groups like Out for Australia.

I look forward to working closely with students and the wider community to build a safer and

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