Sabina Rooney

 Sabina Rooney

Gender & Sexuality

Gender & Sexuality VP
UQU 2017 Executive Women's Officer

Hi there! I’m Sabina Rooney, one of your Vice-Presidents Gender and Sexuality, in the women’s portfolio.

I’m a 4th year Journalism/Arts student majoring in history and political science. If I can’t get a job in the press gallery I hope to end up as a producer on a reality TV show like The Bachelorette or Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Despite my very questionable taste in TV my absolute favourite thing to do is fight for women’s rights.

This year is the most important year for women in higher education in a decade. The Human Rights Commission, Universities Australia, National Union of Students and the National Tertiary Education Union have all partnered in a nation-wide survey to gauge the levels and experiences of sexual assault and harassment on university campuses. This campaign is called the Respect. Now. Always. Campaign and will inform a large part of my work for the year.

Outside of this I’ve proudly been a member of the UQU Women’s Collective since my first year at uni in 2014. I’ve found the women’s collective to be an incredibly supportive and friendly place both in the physical room and online. If you would like to be added please send our public Facebook page a message and we’ll add you to our secret group.

I’m incredibly passionate about women’s professional endeavors as well. Throughout the year I plan to work with clubs and societies to develop events that will best support the women of UQ in advancing their careers. 

I want to continue the productive discussions that the UQ student body has had about feminism in the past few years (#cupcakegate2016) and continue to plan events for feminist week, International Women’s Day and Bluestockings Week. 

Overall my focus for the year comes down to improving women’s access to higher education by supporting them through lobbying the university, keeping the women’s collective an inclusive space and providing professional opportunities to them through women’s department events. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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