Proof Readers List

Proof Readers List

As part of our Education and Postgraduate services at SHOC we offer a list of people you can contact to proofread your assessment. Please contact the proof-reader best suited to your needs directly by using the contact details provided.
Our list is updated twice a year in July and December. The current proofreader list will be updated in December 2016.

Download the Editing & Proof Readers list

Rose Hunter Editing

Rose Hunter Editing


Rose Hunter
BA Hons (English), Professional writer.
E: [email protected]
Skype ID: roseh400

I edit and proofread essays, theses, articles for publication, and nonfiction and creative manuscripts.

I am a graduate of the University of Queensland. I’m also the author of several books and have been published in many literary journals.

I make extensive notes, and provide you with a list of your most common errors, to help you improve your writing. I am supportive and available for any questions you might have, on email and/or Skype.

My rates vary depending on how much editing is required. If you send me a sample of your document, along with the total word count, I will send you a quote.

I have an ABN and all clients receive a tax invoice.

More details about my services, along with testimonials, can be found at my blog/site (see link above).

edits by Madolline 

Edits by Madolline


Madolline Gourley
Bachelor of Journalism (B.J.).
E: [email protected]


Do you need someone to proofread and edit the often overlooked—yet equally as important—aspects of your assignment such as spelling and grammar?

If you have answered ‘yes’, then get in touch with me today!

My proofreading-related knowledge and experience comes from the completion a Bachelor of Journalism, as well as working in communications-type roles for various Queensland Government departments.

Don’t worry about whether it’s ‘to’ or ‘too’, ‘behaviour’ or ‘behavior’, or where that apostrophe is meant to go, I’ll fix it all up for you.

Rates start at $30.



 Diane Josey

English Language Services


Diane Josey
BA, Grad Cert T, Cert TESOL, Grad Dip TESOL.
E: [email protected]
M: 0433 795 328
Languages: French

My professional background includes the editing and proofreading of many theses and journal articles in recent years. My experience is in Business and Finance, Economics, Medical Research, IT, Engineering, Bioscience, Mathematics, Philosophy, Social Science, Tourism, Nursing, Education, and all Arts faculty subjects. I can also help with resumes and job applications.

I do high-quality editing and use MS Word and ‘Track Changes’, making extensive use of ‘Comments’ to communicate with the author. The services I offer include spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, document structure and organisation, clarity and flow, text formatting and layout, references and bibliography. I offer an obligation-free quote on receipt of a sample of the manuscript to be edited.

Prior to becoming a professional editor and member of the Society of Editors (Qld.), I was a Head of English with Education Queensland, a tutor and PhD candidate (Philosophy) at U.Q., an academic researcher and writer, and TESOL teacher.

 Kate Hubner

Kate Hubner


BA (French & Philosophy Majors), MA
Communication (Professional Communication & PR).
E: [email protected]
M: 0478 419 085

I have previously worked as the Communications Director for a New York City non-profit and my goal is to assist students and academics to communicate simply and concisely. I have an outstanding eye for detail and experience proofreading theses, reports, academic presentations, essays, website/app content, and speeches. I can assist with either basic proofreading (spelling, grammar and punctuation) or provide editorial advice regarding the structure and flow of a document. I have experience helping ESL students and am happy to provide detailed feedback about my corrections or edits for individuals with questions.

If you would like more information or have questions about how I can help you, please don’t hesitate to email me. I charge an hourly rate and can provide you with a quote once we’ve discussed your document and the level of proofing you require.

 Ted McFadyen

Ted McFadyen


BE (Hons 1), BSc, MEngSc.
E: [email protected]
M: 0429 909 588

As a semi retired civil engineer, I am offering a service as a proof reader of university documents, particularly in the engineering and scientific fields.

In my professional career spanning over 40 years, I have prepared many quality reports and reviewed those of numerous colleagues.

I have an excellent command of English grammar, having studied Latin for five years. I will proof read your document for grammar, spelling, punctuation and English expression.

You will receive suggested amendments by means of tracked changes and comments in MS Word.

 The Word Whisperer - Roy Short

The Word Whisperer


Roy Short
B.A., Dip.Ed.
E: [email protected]
M: 0403 570 725

Roy Short, The Word Whisperer, provides editing & proofreading services for students submitting written work for academic assessment or publication. These services assist the readers of your document to focus on its content without the distraction of errors, inconsistencies or lack of clarity.

Roy’s proofreading work has included Honours, Masters and PhD theses in a variety of academic disciplines, undergraduate assignments, reports and journal articles. International students, whose first languages are languages other than English, often make use of his services.

Clients frequently express their satisfaction with the quality and thoroughness of Roy’s work. They regularly send new documents and recommend him to their colleagues and friends.

Proofreading costs are determined by the length of your document, the type of service and the amount of editing the document requires.

Please visit: for details of the services offered.

  John Mahony Editing

John Mahony Editing


John Mahony
BA (Hons) in English.
E: [email protected]
M: 0437 032 178

I have worked as an editor, news sub-editor, and proof reader for many university faculties, publishers, journals, and government departments, as well as proof reading over a hundred theses since 1999, many for overseas/ESL students.

This work has provided editing and proof reading experience in a very wide variety of subject areas in humanities, science, economics and law. My regular clients have ranged from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre to the Department of Environment and Heritage to LexisNexis law publishers.

My qualifications include a BA (Hons) from Monash University and PhD study at UNSW and Cambridge University. I’m also a screenwriter.

For a CV and a free no-obligation quote, contact me anytime by phone or email. Student and staff discounts offered.

  Edupreneur Services International - Dr John Cokley

Edupreneur Services International


Dr John Cokley
PhD (Jour), B Bus (Comm), G Cert Ed, Dip Rel Stud.
E: [email protected]
M: 0413 004 138

Research and coursework thesis editing and proofreading.

I have been a PhD qualified academic supervisor/editor since 2005 and have been employed as an Associate Professor at Swinburne University, a tenured academic at the University of Queensland and full-time at James Cook University and Griffith University as well as part-time at Queensland University of Technology. I am familiar with all humanities as well as science and engineering.

I have a record of successful supervision completions of PhD and MPhil degrees, been a book, thesis and periodical editor since 1984, and am a full member of the Institute of Professional Editors. Specialist academic areas: journalism, media studies, communication, business, marketing, education and digital communication. I have also taught scientists and engineers so am familiar with communication aspects of both disciplines.

Rates start at 2 cents per word, up to 5 cents per word.

  Carl G Smith

Carl G Smith


E: [email protected]
M: 0403 476 632

I offer a professional proofreading service in the following genre: theses, journal submissions, articles, essays, reports, research papers, reviews, projects, resumes, presentations, manuals and more. My attention to detail, knowledgeable adherence to relevant styles and referencing standards, as well as punctuality, amount to a reliable, professional and courteous service for a range of clients, including those with an ESL background.

My editing process addresses the following aspects: spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, grammar, gender/cultural bias, hyphenation, abbreviations, font consistency, omissions and duplications. I will also correct and/or comment , where necessary, on format-related features such as alignment, line-spacing, page breaks, headings and graphics, as well as legibility/readability, clarity and succinctness.

Rates are ‘per-hour’ and are very reasonable. No-obligation, free quotations are offered and are based on the perusal of a short sample of the written work. Editing is usually implemented in Microsoft Word and completed documents are returned with Track Changes active.

 ink Editing

Ink Editing


Daniel Kille
MBus (Marketing), MPublishing, Bachelor of
Communication, Grad Cert of Professional

E: [email protected]
P: 0431 023 213 (text only)
Skype: dan.kille
Languages: Serbian

I am a graduate of the University of Queensland, completing both undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the St Lucia Campus.

I provide editing and proofreading services for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, helping perfect written reports, theses, dissertation, presentations, website content, media articles, and speeches.

The specific editing services I offer include:

  • Copy editing: Correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, and ensuring consistencies in style of a document.
  • Structural Editing: Looking at your document as a whole, ensuring exceptionally clear and concise written communication with reference to structure, content, language and style, further ensuring these are appropriate for the required criteria.
  • Proofreading: Ensuring your writing is error-free and ready for submission.

I answer any email within 4 hours, and students who provide a sample or draft of their work will receive a quote within this time frame. Further, when submitting work to be edited please provide a link or copy of the marking criteria. I look forward to helping you soon!

 Christine Edits

Christine Cranney


E: [email protected]

Christine’s Edits started in 2011 as a proofreading service for law firms. After receiving many non-corporate enquiries, Christine’s Edits now focuses on helping university students and fiction writers polish their writing.

Principal editor Christine Cranney graduated from UQ with a Master of Journalism in 2004. Since then, she has worked as a journalist for a business publication and is qualified to correct the typographical, punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors in your work. She also has a law degree and speaks several languages.

Christine has helped postgraduate and graduate students with their theses, essays, reports and literature reviews. She has assisted students studying law, veterinary science, optometry, engineering, education, business, architecture, international relations and many other courses.

Please email Christine for a same-day response. Weekend enquiries are welcome. Students who email a draft will receive a quote immediately. In most cases, Christine’s fees are competitive and negotiable. Testimonials are available.

 The Proof Leader Janelle Cruickshank

The Proof Leader


Janelle Cruickshank
BA (Professional Writing and Publishing).
E: [email protected]
M: 0439 679 370 

I am a freelance proofreader and copyeditor, with extensive Public Service experience.

I will proofread or copy edit your assessment piece, using Word Track Changes, to ensure that your work is both readable and understandable. The services I offer include:

  • Substantive editing - to clarify meaning, improve flow and smooth language.
  • Copy editing - to ensure consistency, accuracy and completeness in language, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other elements of usage and syntax.
  • Proofreading - examining material after layout to correct errors in textual and visual elements.
  • Pricing for UQ students is $25.00 per 1,000 words (or part thereof), with a negotiated discount for theses.

Attach your Word document to the contact form at my website (shown above) for a free no-obligation quote and a discussion of your requirements. 

 Maureen Butler Wordcraft

Maureen Butler Wordcraft


Maureen Butler
MA (Writing, Editing, and Publishing) UQ, P/G Dip (Eng), P/G
Dip Ed, Member of Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd).
E: [email protected]
M: 0422 226 560

My aim is to help you achieve clear, active, and succint written communication to a professional standard. I proofread and edit PhD theses, MA theses, articles for journal submissions, undergraduate assignments, and documents of any length in all disciplines. I use Microsoft Track Changes and your nominated style guide (e.g., APA, Harvard). I tutor in grammar and writing at a tertiary institution, and regularly edit for international (ESL) students.

Other experience includes Senior editorial assistant for a an international scholarly journal, and 15+ years teaching senior humanities subjects.

E-mail or call me to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote. Your work will have a speedy turnaround. ESL (international) student enquiries are especially welcome.

Robyn Kent

RAK Editing Services

Robyn Kent
GradCertEdPub, GradDipSpecEd (Hearing
Impairment), DipTeach (Primary/Preschool)
E: [email protected]
M: 0417 118 548

I am an accredited editor (AE) with the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd), and a professional member of Editors Queensland, a branch of IPEd.

I copy edit and proofread research theses and academic papers, assignments, essays and presentations to your required style (e.g. APA 6th, Harvard, IEEE). My clients include undergraduates, postgraduate students and university staff. I also edit professional reports which have input from engineers, biologists, geologists, hydrologists, water and soil chemists, and historians.

My background is in education, specialising in preschool education and hearing impairment. I can help ESL students and native English speakers express their ideas clearly in English.

I edit in MS Word, using Track Changes, or on hard copy or PDF.

My fees are based on the size of your document and the level of editing required. Please send a representative sample of your document, and total word length, and I’ll provide an obligation-free quote.

  Gemma Brown

Perfect Proof


Gemma Brown
E: [email protected]
P: (07) 3202 5738
M: 0423 102 492

I hold a certificate in proofreading and editing, and my academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts majoring in language, law and tourism subjects. I am also the speaker of two foreign languages and have had experience with ESL students.

My experience includes website editing and extensive legal and real estate contract proofreading.

I am available to provide quotes for any piece of writing, however short or lengthy. My rates are very competitive and can be charged by the hour or the page; whichever is the least expensive.

I have extensive experience proofreading university students work, particularly the assignments and theses of international students.

Carody Culver

Carody Culver

BA (English Language and Literature)
Grad Dip (Writing, Editing and Publishing)
PhD (Literary Studies)
E: [email protected]
M: 0431 951 262

I’m an experienced academic editor and proofreader who can help you submit polished, error-free, accurately referenced work for assessment or publication.

I’ve edited theses, journal articles and other academic documents across a range of disciplines, including architecture, biological sciences, business, engineering, information technology, history, law, literature, medical science, theology and more. I’m also a full member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd).

My editing services cover the following: spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, syntax, clear and concise expression, clarity and flow, document formatting, references and bibliography.

I edit in Microsoft Word using track changes and comments.

I’m happy to provide an obligation-free quote based on your total word count, the level of editing you’re looking for and any other specific requirements you might have.

 UniWriteServicies - James Hurst


James Hurst
BA, Grad Dip Ed, Cert IV Bus Admin.
E: [email protected]
M: 0404 897 942 (sms only)

You may be able to speak English, but that is no guarantee of writing it well. Ensure your writing is clear, precise and direct!

I have three years experience as a proofreader for undergraduate and postgraduate, business and professional documents. I have assisted people from all over the world, as well as Australia. I have assisted people in subject areas from Law to Engineering, from Business to Nursing, as well as the Humanities and Social Sciences.

I will proofread your writing for spelling, grammar, punctuation and written expression. I can check your referencing. I can also make critical comments on your logic and writing that will help you to improve your work.

My rates are $35/hour, with a full-time undergraduate discount of $25. Edits are tracked in Microsoft Word. Turnaround on work under 5000 words is usually 48 hours.

I am also available for ESL or study coaching.

 Sharon Johnatty

Sharon Johnatty


BSc (Biological Sciences), MS (Biochemistry and Cell
Biology), PhD (Epidemiology and Human Genetics).
E: [email protected]
P: (07) 3286 3908
M: 0431 167 357

I have worked in academia for the past 30 years, primarily in biomedical research and teaching. I have extensive experience in genetics research including molecular and human genetics, biostatistics and epidemiology, and am the lead analyst and author of several peer-reviewed publications. I have also served as a reviewer for institutional research grants and leading research journals.

I can offer the following:

• Basic proofreading for grammar, spelling, punctuation etc., and restructuring for readability and flow of ideas for most topics.
• Advanced scientific editing and content review with suggestions for improvement, for biological sciences or other related subject areas.

If you email me a draft of your document, some details about your degree program, what you specifically need help with, and when you need it back, I’ll be happy to send you a quote. Your document will be kept strictly confidential. All edits will be returned in track changes.

 Kimberley Smith

Kimberley Smith


Masters (MA) in writing, editing, and publishing.
E: [email protected]
M: 0437 712 914

After achieving a Master of Arts in Writing, Editing and Publishing, I now tutor English grammar and writing at UQ. I also work for UQ research as a writer and editor for their online material. I have experience editing and proofreading academic papers from both English and non-English-speaking backgrounds, and with reviewing and editing grant applications for ARC Discovery Projects and Discovery Early Career Award. These projects are from many schools and disciplines, including engineering, biology, chemistry, and psychology. I am a published author and blogger with excellent editing and proofreading skills, and a very quick turnaround.

I charge between $25 and $30 per hour, depending on the amount of work required (discount for longer theses, etc.).

 Jewel See Editing

Jewel See Editing


Wendy Smith
Computer Science / Information Technology and
Engineering; Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences.
E: [email protected]

Wendy is a professional editor and proofreader who offers academic editing and proofreading of student theses, academic papers, journal articles, and book manuscripts for university students and academic staff across multiple disciplines. Her specialist areas include IT and Engineering, Biological Sciences and Medical Science, and Business, Law, Education and Social Work.

Wendy’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science & Zoology) and she has extensive professional experience in Information Technology. Alongside academic papers and manuscripts, she edits non-fiction and fiction book manuscripts, and magazines and other publications. Wendy is a full member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) and of Editors Queensland.

Please contact Wendy for a quote to edit your thesis, paper or manuscript. For a quote, she will require the approximate total word count and also to view your manuscript—or at least view a representative sample of your manuscript or document. Thank you!

 Sadia Habib

Sadia Habib


MA in English Language and Literature; APTIS
E: [email protected]
M: 0469 732 962

I offer proof reading service in the following genres: articles, essays, reports, resumes, reviews, theses, journal submissions, manuals and more. I have experience in teaching, research and examination in British Council. I have edited undergraduate and post graduate assignments, essays, reports and dissertation of various disciplines.

My editing process is usually implemented in Microsoft Word with active Track Changes. I am conversant with APA and MLA style formats.

My rates are reasonable and total cost depends on the length of the document, type of service required and time required for proofreading. Clients will receive a 30% discount for their first work. There is a discount for longer work like thesis as well.

My clients come from a wide range of academic backgrounds including Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Economics, Business Studies, Science and Engineering etc. Girls and students with non-native English backgrounds are especially welcome.

  Editopia Grant Dobinson



Grant Dobinson
E: [email protected]
P: (07) 3376 0246
M: 0403 276 921

Currently a freelance journalist, I run an editing/proofing and desktop publishing service ( I was a journalism lecturer at UQ until 2004, and I taught news editing, photojournalism, internet journalism, and print and online layout and design. I have edited all manner of documents over several decades and have proofed theses across numerous disciplines. Prior to journalism, I was a systems programmer and laboratory technician.

I am an unrelenting ‘grammarian’ and a little manic about punctuation and topic coherence. I have a great deal of experience in helping students for whom English is not their first language.

I am fast and accurate. I prefer to proof in Microsoft Word using ‘Track Changes’, but can handle a variety of other formats

No job is too big or too small. My clients come from all walks of life and include many large businesses and government bodies.

  Martin Dutton

Martin Dutton


M.Ed Educational Technology and English Language
Teaching, B. Engineering (Hons), Dip. TEFLA.
E: [email protected]
M: 0437 236 252
Languages: Basic Greek, German, French


ASSIGNMENT EDITING experience at postgraduate level in variety of disciplines including engineering, linguistics, education, sociology and psychology.

English as a Foreign Language and English as a Second Language experience as a teacher and curriculum designer in the UK, Greece, Malaysia and Australia over more than 20 years.

IELTS exam preparation

I am particularly familiar with the difficulties faced by international students as I have many years’ experience teaching academic English and also proofreading/editing postgraduate work. I offer quality guidance and feedback.
Available for consultation on the St Lucia campus or by email/cloud.

 Simone Osborne Says

Simone Osborne Says


Dr Simone Osborne
BSc Biotech (Hons), PhD (Molecular and Cellular Biology).
E: [email protected]
M: 0407 025 966

I have over 10 years of experience proof reading and editing manuscripts, reports, essays and theses in science and medicine, arts and humanities and business.

I’m also a published scientist who has helped domestic and international students improve their writing to enhance readability. I have assisted undergraduate and postgraduate students in a variety of courses and fields to achieve positive outcomes from their written work.

I work in MS Office using track changes. My fees are competitive and based on the level of proof reading and editing required. After reading a sample of your work I can provide you with an obligation-free quote. My fees start at $30/1000 words with discounts for larger documents. I have an ABN and provide a receipt for tax purposes.

I enjoy the challenge of proof reading and editing and find it very rewarding to help students improve their written communication and achieve positive outcomes.

  Michael J Ming

Michael J Ming


The Writing School Diploma Course.
E: [email protected]
P: (07) 3372 4349
M: 0467 522 357

I have had nothing but positive responses to my work as indicated from the comment below after completing a 300+ page assignment for a professional organisation. Whether 3 pages or 300, I will deliver a professional assignment to your complete satisfaction, and on time.

Testimonial: “Just want you to know that I have gone through all of your proofing and you did a brilliant job. Thank you so much for your time. I loved everything you suggested”.
- Gallop Solutions Sydney NSW- 25TH May 2016

  Grammar Fun



Julie Martyn
Member, Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd),
M. Ed., Grad Dip. Ed., Grad Dip. Teaching Second
Languages, B.A. (Hons: Anthropology & Indigenous
Studies), Adv. Dip. Marketing, Dip. Management,
Dip. Business, Cert. IV Training & Assessment.
E: [email protected]
M: 0434 260 710

Currently teaching in the Master of Education program at Swinburne Online, I have taught English as a second language and mainstream classes, specialising in writing and research techniques, in the Middle East, South East Asia and South America.

At three Brisbane universities I have taught academic preparation classes, with a strong emphasis on writing skills. I have produced one book and several articles and was contracted as a consultant proof reader for the Griffith University International Students’ Association.

I charge $30 per 1000 words. For a larger work, such as a thesis, there is a discount.

For a thesis you will need to complete a formal agreement about the scope of the work. All clients receive a tax invoice. Your work will be returned promptly with corrections and some explanations. For recommendations from my clients please see the weblink above.

Vivienne Van Rooyen

Vivienne Van Rooyen


E: [email protected]
P: (07) 3870 2199
M: 0408 066 343

I have over 20 years experience as a professional academic proofreader in all disciplines especially medicine, the sciences, engineering, history and horticulture. My background includes university lecturing in various scientific subjects after spending quite a number of years in pathology and medical research, the latter of which requires attention to detail. I am conversant with the various style formats of APA, Harvard, MLA etc. and can meet any requirements set by your institution.

My work has included some undergraduate but mostly postgraduate assignments, reports, Honours, Masters, MPhil and PhD theses as well as journal submissions and several books. My clients have included local and overseas students as well as university staff.

My rates are reasonable and I am happy to provide an obligation free estimate after receiving a sample of the document and an expected total word count.




E: [email protected]

For more than a decade, WordsRU has been providing professional academic editing worldwide. Our reputation online is paramount. We can assist you with a variety of editing needs for essays, research papers, theses, dissertations and other documents, while adhering to your required style guidelines. Our qualified, professional academic editors have vast experience working with clients at all levels and in all fields. In addition, our quality and deadlines are guaranteed. Whether you require a light proofread or a heavy edit, we will help you to make a lasting impression. To receive a quote, just upload your document at and provide the voucher code, UQU10, to receive your University o f Queensland Union discount.

  Edit My Essay

Edit My Essay


Kate Mountford
M. Social Development (Env.), Grad. Dip. Adult Ed
(Lang / Lit), Cert IV TA, CELTA, B. A. (History/ English).
E: [email protected]

Make your writing shine!

As a professional proof-reader with 13 years’ experience, I have the insight and skills to polish your writing to a flawless state. Having taught Academic Writing Skills in Colleges and Universities in Australia and overseas for the past 10 years, I will make your grammar gleam and your punctuation pack a perfect punch. I have extensive experience in working with students from non-English speaking backgrounds, meaning that I always understand the concepts in your writing and am able to clarify your expression when necessary. My career in proofreading began in 2003, when I worked as a proof-reader for a national newspaper. Since then, I have edited Theses and Articles across a range of disciplines and have also worked with overseas born professionals and lecturers, checking and further improving their reports and publications. My own Masters thesis received a High Distinction with special commendation for written communication.




Jon Edwards
Grad Dip, Business Information Technology Management, Grad Cert Higher Education, BA (Hons) European Studies.
E: [email protected]
P: (07) 3890 5456
M: 0432 854 637
Languages: German

You will have worked hard to produce a written piece of work for assessment. Proofreading by a professional will maximise the chances of achieving the grade that you are hoping for.

Having spent the previous 12 years in teaching and research within the higher education sector I am well placed to assist students in getting the most from their submission. This follows 21 years’ experience in business management; including working in transnational and multinational corporations.

Writing for business not only has to communicate clearly through correct grammar, spelling and punctuation but also needs to read appropriately.

My charges are per 1000 words and are on a reducing sliding scale based on the size of the document. The maximum fee for proofreading is AUD $10.00 per 1000 words. Please contact me for more detail.





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