SHOC Gatton

Our services are available on a rotational basis throughout the semester. Visit us at Gatton campus Mondays and Tuesday, 8am - 4pm in Room 233 Morrison Hall.

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12th & 13th Visa Advice
19th & 20th Education & Equity
26th & 27th Visa Advice 
31st Education & Equity 


16th & 17th Education & Equity
23rd & 24th Visa Advice
30th  Education & Equity


1st  Education & Equity
8th No Service 
14th & 15th Education & Equity
21st & 22nd

Visa Advice

28th & 29th

Education & Equity


4th & 5th  Welfare and Job Preparation
11th & 12th Education & Equity
18th & 19th Visa Advice


2nd & 3rd  Education & Equity
9th & 10th Welfare and Job Preparation 


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