Current Specials


Chef's Special - Nutella Waffles
Darwin’s has a new chef’s special waiting for you!

Mouth-watering waffles topped with Nutella, chocolate ice cream, strawberries and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Only available until 11am daily, for a limited time.

Main Course

Any 2-fill, 3-fill or 4-fill sandwich and PERKii 300ml for $7.50
Looking for a healthier lunch option?

You can grab any 2-fill, 3-fill or 4-fill sandwich and PERKii 300ml from Physiol or Main Course for just $7.50.

There are loads of flavours to choose from but get in quick as this deal is for a limited time only.
Why not make it a meal and save? With any burger purchase:

ADD $3.50 – small chips and any 375ml soft drink or 600ml Cool Ridge Spring Water

ADD $5.50 – large chips and any 600ml soft drink or 600ml Cool Ridge Spring Water

Available at Physiol and Main Course.

On a Roll Bakery

Cold Drip Coffee
Cold Drip Coffee is now at On a Roll Bakery!

It is made using single origin beans that are slowly extracted with cold water to retain the natural sweetness and oils from the bean. The result is a full flavoured coffee with up to 5 times more caffeine than regular coffee.

Taste the difference for just $4.50 at On a Roll Bakery.


Sausage Roll & Drink Deal
Buy a Sausage Roll + Solo, Pepsi, Pepsi Max 375ml or Cool Ridge 600ml for $4.95 at Physiol.

Get in quick as this is for a limited time only!
Slider & Salad $6.50
Head into Physiol to grab a slider and salad for just $6.50!

The slider includes all the favourites like a beef pattie, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, char grilled vegetable relish and is served with a fresh side salad. Yum!

Pizza Caffe

Pizza Caffe is Oh So Vegan
Fresh, vegan pizza on campus is here!

Pizza Caffe has embraced the plant-based lifestyle. Get all your favourite pizzas, completely vegan-friendly, for just $3 extra.

So whether you’re committed for life or just veg-curious, let us know what you think of our cheddar and mozzarella “cheese” made from tapioca flower, natural flavours and vegan proteins.

The Lolly Shop

Cadbury Chocolate Bars Promo
Satisfy those sugar cravings and buy a medium sized cadbury bar for $2 or a $5 200g block at The Lolly Shop.

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