SECaT evaluations provide you with the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience of courses and teaching at UQ. Each time a course is offered, students enrolled in that course will be invited to evaluate their course and teacher(s) via an online SECaT evaluation.

UQU has worked closely with the University of Queensland to deliver SECaT information in a simple and practical way. The SECaT outcomes below show only the course outcomes which students have previously been able to access through the UQ Reportal system. Teaching outcomes are not publicly available as they are confidential to staff.

Some things to note:

  • If you can't see a dashboard below, your browser may be blocking the content. Please temporarily enable blocked content in order to view the dashboard.
  • Feedback from the evaluation process will be used by staff for course and teaching improvement and will be summarised in the Electronic Course Profiles in the following semester.
  • Results shown on this dashboard aggregate data by Course Code and not Class Number.
  • "Number of Responses" are the number of responses where all questions were answered. Partial numbers per questions are shown in the chart.
  • When interpreting results, consider the number of responses in context with the number of enrolments. Course with low response rates may not have results indicative of all students' perceptions. 
  • Only courses with six or more responses have data displayed.

If you have any feedback please email [email protected]

For more information on SECaT Evaluations click here. For FAQ's click here.

SECaT Student Reviews