About Us 

The UQU Association of Postgraduate Students (APS) is an association comprising all +13,000 Postgraduate students at the University of Queensland brought to you by UQU, your student union.

All postgraduate students are automatically members and are encouraged to get involved with UQU APS events across campus as soon as possible!

We aim to create a platform for all postgraduate students to engage socially and professionally with students from other schools, faculties, nationalities, cultures and general interests. 

UQU APS Executive


Our motto is: Representation, Networking, Advice, and Support!

APS host several activities during the year and this year, they include:

  • Social events: BBQ's, pub crawls, hiking trips, movie nights, family picnics, trivia nights, semi-formal balls, formals balls and much more!
  • Professional events: technical workshops, training sessions, industry networking nights, Alumni networking nights and much more!
  • Support systems: bursaries are awarded throughout the year to postgraduate students (don't forget to apply!)
  • Continuous representation: the executive team represent the interests of all postgraduate students and regularly engage with several committees at the University (so please let them know your problems!)

Please find out more on our: 

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/uqaps/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/uquaps
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uquaps/

Meet the team

Anna SafonovaAnna Safonova

APS President and UQU Postgraduate Officer 

Hi everyone! Thank you for your interest in UQU Association of Postgraduate Students! I am Anna Safonova, the current APS President and UQU Postgraduate Officer.

I came to UQ from Russia to complete my Master’s studies in Health Economics. After accidentally wandered into one of the APS events, I gained life-long friends from different backgrounds, fields of study and research. Here at APS, we aim to enrich the experience of all UQ postgraduate students with our initiatives, events, bursaries and activities. To me APS is not only a social association, but a space for growth, development, team-work and self-improvement. 



Elise Dowden Elise Dowden
Postgraduate representative on the Research Committee and the Research Higher Degree Committee

I am a New Zealand PhD student in philosophy and I am currently on the Research Committee and the Research Higher Degree Committee. I like helping and representing others and really value the friendly inclusive vibe UQU APS fosters amongst students. Two of my great loves are the TV show Rick and Morty, and popcorn.



Aleks Atrens Aleks Atrens
Postgraduate representative on the Committee for Academic Programs Policy

I'm an Australian MD student, and am currently the postgraduate representative on the Committee for Academic Programs Policy. I believe in ensuring UQ properly accounts for student needs and perspectives related to policy changes and enjoy representing students for that purpose. I like cats, cooking, and badly-phrased newspaper headlines, and I was an engineer before studying medicine.


Vimal Velupillai Vimal Velupillai


My name is Vimal, I'm originally from South Africa. Now Australian. I'm studying at the School of Chemical engineering. My interests include animal welfare, global politics, gender equality & education in developing countries. My personal interests including reading, travelling (collecting stamps & foreign currency from all places), biotechnology



Pranav Paranjpe Pranav Paranipe
Advocacy Officer 

Hi my name is Pranav and I'm studying a Master of Business (HR) student. I am an international student, originally from India and am the current Advocacy Officer at UQU APS. I genuinely wish to make a meaningful contribution to the postgraduate community at UQ in whichever way I can. I dream of living in a world where there is universal peace, where people can voice their ideas without any hesitation, where people have the chance to pursue what they truly love and where individual differences are embraced. My personal interests include football (soccer), good movies and rap music.



Gustavo Chamusca Gustavo Chamusca

Events Manager

Hi my name is Gustavo Azevedo and I am an international student from Brasil pursuing a Masters in Engineering Management at UQ. I am currently the Events Director for UQU APS and I am extremely excited about being able to add to the university experience of fellow postgraduate students. My star-sign is Leo and I was born on the year of the rabbit. My second favorite food is lasanha and I despise rude people. I enjoy playing football and training Muay Thai and I absolutely love traveling and reading about the history, customs and culture of the different countries I visit. Lastly, I have a twin brother and we completely drove my parent’s nuts when we were younger.


Paul Crawford 
Event Managers

I’m Paul, born in Australia and studying as a PhD candidate at POLSIS in the University of Queensland. Currently I’m one of the Event Managers for UQU APS – something that drew me to APS was the way we try to bring different schools together to have fun and address overarching issues that affect all postgrads.  


Sarah Sun Sarah Sun
Event Officer

Hi everyone. My name is Sarah Sun and I am an international student coming from Hong Kong. I am currently pursuing Master degree in International Economics and Finance. I have been part of APS team since last year and I have enjoyed working with such a great team, with a group of postgraduate students from different countries, plus I have tried and learnt a lot of new things. So I am coming back again this year and work as the event officer. In the spare time. I like listening music and watching movies because I can find a lot of inspiration and ideas in them. In addition, I sometimes like having a walk around St Lucia campus since it can help me to think and relax. I also like making friends, although I am sometimes shy, please feel free to talk to me. I am looking forward to seeing you all in the future APS events.



Munkhzolboo Purev (JoJo) Munkhzolboo Purev (Jojo)

I am from Mongolia and am a student in the Master of Environmental Management. As a Secretary at UQU APS, I like being involved in this student association which gives an opportunity to experience student life as an academic as well as contributing to activities for UQ postgrad students. I enjoy drinking coffee at UQ cafes while reading novels which brings me to a different world.



Partha Mishra Partha Mishra
Vice President

My name is Partha, and I am currently working on my PhD on dielectric measurements in relation to dewatering of soft soils at the School of Civil Engineering, UQ. I’m the Vice President of UQU APS and also on the student experience committee. I am an ardent supporter of diversity and aim to deliver socio-academic-professional events to the postgraduate community at UQ through UQU APS. Personally, I am just a perfectly average guy who loves long walks, data points, and graphs.



Qiushi Li Qiushi Li
Marketing & Communication Manager

Hi I'm Qiushi Li, an international student from China pursuing a Master of Business at UQ Business School. I'm currently the Marketing & Communication Director of UQU APS, and I really excited about getting involve with UQ through contributing my efforts to UQU APS. I love APS as the team is amazing. We have a multinational executive team and everyone is willing to contribute to deliver a better uni life for all UQ postgraduate students. My star-sign is Libra and I was born on year of the horse. I love traveling and making friends. In my spare time, I prefer to read books and watch documentaries.



Nick Kudelin Nick Kudelin
Marketing & Communication Manager

Hi, my name is Nikita Kudelin and I am an international student coming from a beautiful city Tomsk of Russia. I am pursuing a Masters of Science in Petroleum Engineering. As a Communications Officer for UQU APS, I am excited to work on bringing postgraduate students together to facilitate their days at university and meet interesting and talented people from around the world. Apart from these activities, I am a YouTube Blogger and enjoy filming and sharing my experience of living and travelling in Australia with everyone. I'm a longtime fan of Lady Gaga and Leo Tolstoy and love cooking and learning new recipes.




Membership is free for all UQ postgraduate students (Coursework and RHD students). To receive news and invitations to our events please sign up to our newsletter If you want to be a student representative for your school, please contact your postgraduate coordinator at [email protected]





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