UQU Queer Collective

UQU Queer Collective

What is the UQU Queer Collective?

The UQ Queer Collective is a community group at the University of Queensland for members of the UQ LGBTIQ+ Community.

All the events are free to all students and voluntarily organised by members of the collective. We facilitate social, charitable and political events. All members of the UQ community who identify as queer and/or LGBTI+ are invited to join the Queer Collective.  Allies are welcome at our public events.

About Us

The UQ Queer Collective has a long history. The group is the descendant of Campus CAMP, founded in April 1973, which organised dances and other events featuring queer performers at the UQ Union complex. After many years of events, activism and fun things Campus CAMP became GAY SOL, standing for Gay Solidarity Society. In 1988 GAY SOL changed again to become the GLoC – Gays and Lesbians on Campus. 

Following advocacy by Michael Carden, the Queer Collective was incorporated into the UQ Union in 1993, with GLOC becoming Queer Tribes and 4 years later, was disestablished. In 2000, the group was reestablished as the Queer Collective under UQ Union. The collective was disaffiliated from 2007 through 2013 and has developed a culture of independence from union affairs as a result. In 2013, the collective was reintigrated into UQ Union as the UQU Queer Collective.

The UQ queer community under its many names has seen the decriminalisation of homosexuality, the introduction of the Anti-Discrimination Act, the hosting of numerous national conferences and hundreds of events. Today we the UQ Queer Collective are proud to offer regular events, friendship and support.

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