Soundbath Meditation

Start: 10:00am - 17th Jun 2019
Finish: 12:00pm - 17th Jun 2019
Location: Forgan Smith building (1) room E303
Hosted By: UQU
Cost: $10.00 (Purchase your tickets here)

Soundbath Meditation

Give yourself the gift of 30 minutes of complete calm, relaxation, and stillness - bathe in the sonic sounds of Crystal Bowls to wash away the anxieties, worries, and tensions of this exam block!

No experience necessary, simply bring yourself, your yoga mat and a willingness to let your mind REST.


Sound baths are a powerful form of meditation, entraining your brainwaves from high alert mode (Beta) to deep tranquility and meditative states (Theta) - The sounds are all-encompassing and literally shift your vibratory states - leaving you rejuvenated and truly calm.

By having a break from the stress, you can detach and allow your nervous system to relax and return to homeostasis (balance) - allowing you to have greater states of - focus, productivity, creativity, and joy.

“Meditation gives you rest, deeper than the deepest sleep,” 20 minutes of meditation can equal to eight hours of good sleep.

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