UQU Pride Ball

Start: 6:30pm - 12th May 2018
Finish: 11:30pm - 12th May 2018
Location: Cloudland
Cost: Free

UQU Pride Ball

“ High on the hills of Hollywood, along the stretching Sunset Boulevard lies the great castle on the hill. When the dusk of evening settles, put on some smoky jazz and get lost - sink into the aphrodisiac of the deep couches, take your paramour on an elevator ride - at night everyone comes to Chateau Marmont - this is the pageant and parade that evening brings, they come for the martini, for the sex appeal, to make the deal--naughty or nice, everyone is your darling. You are on liberty, sabbatical, furlough from your familiar life, you feel the heat, the sweat, the late night lust that is LA. This is the place you can most be yourself and it is the only grand hotel you can call home.” 
- A.M James 

UQ Union and the UQU Queer Department is proud to present the return of the UQU Pride Ball. Join us for a 5 hour drinks and canapes package in Cloudland’s Alice Room. 

*This event is 18+ 

$60.00 – General Admission 
$65.00 – Ticket to Pride Ball and the UQU Eurovision Party the next evening. 

Dress: Cloudland have waived their dress code for our private event. Enclosed shoes however are a must. Black tie is fine, but feel free to be as extra or simple as you wish. Those in attire that does not meet Cloudland’s Dress code will be asked to leave the venue at the conclusion of the evening. 
Feel free to send all enquiries to the UQU Queer Department Facebook Page or Nicholas Comino VP Gender & Sexuality. 

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