Elias Blanch Student Executive Overview 2021

This year has been amazing, I adored getting to be a part of the brilliant UQU student executive team this year. My role this year was representing the UQ Union Queer Collective and facilitating anything they want to do, with my primary goal of making the collective welcoming, inclusive and safe to current and new … Continued

Women’s Collective Portfolio End Of Year 2021 Overview

The Women’s Collective is an autonomous group run through the UQ Union that any student who identifies as female or non-binary is automatically a member of – no joining fee. The Collective host’s meetings, puts on events and exists to advocate against gendered discrimination at UQ. We hold UQ to account when necessary and provide … Continued

Exam FAQ’s

If I forget my student ID card, am I still able to enter the exam room?  As a student, you must have a valid current student ID card. You can go to the Student Centre and obtain a temporary student ID. The document must have a photograph, your name, student number, proof you are enrolled … Continued

Postgrad Week

Postgrad.   This is the word of the day, or week – rather.             Student Advocacy & Support (SAS) today held its first event for Postgrad Week: Llamas and Choc-tops! The question on everyone’s minds is not, contrary to insular #stupol circles’ beliefs, whether this was stolen from a certain … Continued

Homey Houseplants: Easy Care, Beginner-Friendly Plants For Your Home

Many people these days are surrounded by the concrete jungle and urbanisation – with more high-rise apartments, smaller blocks of land, and smaller gardens. As well as this, with most people spending about 90% of their lives indoors (particularly with lockdowns and isolation), our exposure to greenery and nature has been reduced drastically. Unfortunately – … Continued

Study 101: Preparing For Your Exams 

No Cramming! For real  Studying in intervals of around 20-50 minute increments with 5-10 minutes in between is more beneficial than studying for hours on end. This type of distribution of studying over time has shown benefits to long-term retention more than a short period of cramming. An example of this type of studying is the Pomodoro technique.     Eating well (during … Continued

The New Darwin’s Spring Menu

Savoury Mince on Thick Toast A classic brunch staple – now available at Darwin’s! Our Savoury Mince dish is made with lightly curried savoury mince, buttered thick toast*, deliciously roasted cherry tomatoes, a fried free range egg and topped off with spring onion and yoghurt garlic dressing.   Vegan Breakfast Bowl For even more vegan … Continued

Cheap and Free Self-Care

Practicing self-care has been proven to be a proactive, holistic, and personalised approach to the promotion of health and wellbeing in individuals. It’s a great way to make time for yourself and de-stress. And you don’t have to spend much for it (yes, we’re looking at you retail therapy people). Here are some recco’s for … Continued

How To Build a Bedtime Routine

Recent studies have shown that about one third of students have insufficient sleep (less than 6.5 hours), and almost two thirds have a perception of not getting enough sleep. Lack of quality sleep can come from a variety of factors – such as trying to balance a study/work/social life balance, living in a share home, … Continued