1 – Call me, maybe

By this point, you’re probably getting to be an expert at using Zoom, Skype and Houseparty. It’s time to transfer those skills to party planning. Virtually assemble your squad and don’t forget to sing ‘Happy Birthday’!


2 – What’s a birthday without cake?

Choose your favourite sweet treat and if you’ve got the time, learn how to make it! If the culinary arts aren’t your strong point, you could order a delicious cake from a local business and have it dropped off with contactless delivery. 


3 – Go glam

Chances are, you’re spending 23 hours a day in pajamas at the moment. You wouldn’t wear your pajamas to go out to a birthday party (or maybe you would?!) and quarantine is no exception. Blow out your hair, do your make up and put on your best party outfit. 


4 – Foodies and mixologists unite

This one might require a little more planning. Pick a dish that everyone can prepare so you can eat the same meal as your friends. Take it one step further, and have everyone mix the same cocktail (birthday person’s pick, of course!) and drink it together. It’s the next best thing to being at Reddo.


5 – Dance like nobody’s watching

Push aside the furniture and bring the club to the living room! Choose a few tracks that get everyone moving and have a dance party. Take a look at our Toga Party playlist for some inspiration. 


6 – Get decorating

Since you’re confined to your house, you may as well make it look festive. Raid that random draw for any old balloons you’ve got lying around. Get crafty and see what decorations you can make with whatever supplies you’ve got on hand. If you’re really desperate, you could use some of that toilet paper you’ve been hoarding and turn it into streamers. 


7 – Switch it up with an Animal Crossing Party

Host a party in Animal Crossing, it’s like hosting a party at home but without the clean up work afterwards! Invite your friends to your island for a great virtual birthday party by sending out your invitations via in-game postal service, decorating your island, serving up some refreshments and setting up some activities like a treasure hunt. Or be the friend that surprises the birthday person with a surprise birthday party, either way, don’t forget to bring a gift for the birthday person! For some more ideas on how to set up your party make sure you check out this article. And if online games are your thing, take a look at our top Nine Online Games to Play in Quarantine.


Don’t let social distancing mean the end of all your socialising. You can still have a social life, just from a safe distance. We’d love to see your creative quarantine birthday parties; tag us on Facebook (@UQUnion) and Instagram (@uqunion)! 


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