If I forget my student ID card, am I still able to enter the exam room? 

  • As a student, you must have a valid current student ID card.
  • If you don’t have your student ID, you can get a temporary id card from Student Central before your exam so long as you have a photograph already on file (which you should have if you have had student ID card recently).  You can use this temporary card to enter the exam room.
  • Student Central runs extended hours which should have them open at least 30 minutes before your exam start times.


What happens if I am late for the exam?

  • You can enter an examination up to 60 minutes after its start time but will not be afforded any additional time to complete your exam.
  • If your reason for being late meets the eligibility criteria for a deferred exam, you may choose not to enter the exam room and instead apply for a deferred exam.
  • Check this link to see if you meet the eligibility criteria for a deferred exam.


What happens if I get sick during the exam and can’t finish?

  • Illness during an exam is not considered an acceptable reason for applying for a deferred exam or a one-off discretionary deferred exam.
  • However, medical conditions that suddenly present themselves during an exam (e.g. an epileptic seizure) are considered exceptional circumstances if it is sudden, unexpected, and debilitating, or if it requires exam supervisors to seek immediate medical attention for the student.
  • If you do fall ill, make sure you see a doctor THAT DAY and get a dated medical certificate.
  • You will need a medical certificate dated the day of the exam detailing the suddenness of the onset of the condition, your predisposition to the condition, the seriousness of the symptoms, and the impact on your ability to remain and complete the exam.
  • You should need help navigating these technicalities, please seek advice from Student Advocacy and Support at UQU as soon as possible.
  • Check this link if you want to check if you have exceptional circumstances.


What do I do if I miss my exam?

  • If you miss your exam, check the list of exceptional and unavoidable circumstances in the following link: deferring an exam.
  • If you meet the criteria for exceptional and unavoidable circumstances then you should consider applying for a deferred exam.
  • Inform your course coordinator as soon as possible and make an appointment with Student Advocacy and Support to discuss your options.


How do I defer my exam?

  • If you have seen or attempted all or part of the original exam, you will not be eligible to apply for a deferred exam.
  • If you have seen or attempted the exam, make an appointment with Student Advocacy and Support immediately to discuss your options.
  • If you have not seen or attempted the exam, you can submit a ‘deferred exam request’ through mySI-net no later than 5 calendar days from the original exam date.
    • If you choose to submit a deferred exam request, you will need to provide evidence of exceptional and unavoidable circumstance that prevented you from sitting the original exam.
    • If you deferred exam request is due to medical reasons, a medical certificate MUST cover the date of the exam.
  • If your circumstances do not meet the criteria for exceptional or unavoidable circumstances, you can apply for a one-off discretionary deferred exam (please note, you can only do this once during your entire program). You do not need to provide evidence but you can upload supporting documents or give a brief explanation of your situation.
  • To apply for a deferred exam, follow the links provided: Apply for a deferred exam.
  • The policy for applying for deferred exams can be found section 3.9.1 (applications) in the following link: https://ppl.app.uq.edu.au/content/3.10.11-examinations


What if I forget a pen, pencil, calculator etc.? 

  • You can get exam supplies from the UQU Co-Op (free) and also from the UQU Second Hand Bookshop in the Union Complex.


How do I know whether the calculator that I have found is allowed into the exam room?

  • If you are unsure if your calculator is an approved calculator, check section 3.6.3 on the UQ Examinations Policy.


What happens if I don’t have an approved calculator?

  • St Lucia – You can buy approved calculators at UQU Secondhand Text & Stationery in the Union Complex (open Mon-Fri 10am – 2pm) or there are a limited number of approved calculators you can borrow from UQU reception (open Mon-Fri 8am – 4pm).
  • Gatton – You can get exam supplies at School Locker (open Mon-Thurs 9.30am – 3pm).


How do I get my calculator approved?

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Updated November 11 2023.