Available now at Darwin’s and On A Roll Bakery, is our new range of hemp treats.

“What’s so good about hemp?” you ask. Well, they are packed with protein, a rich source of essential fatty acids, a good source of fibre and rich in vitamins and minerals. Hemp seeds are also said to protect the brain, boost heart health, reduce inflammation, improve skin conditions and relieve rheumatoid arthritis.

Infused with hemp seeds, a natural superfood, there are 3 hemp balls and 3 hemp bars to choose from.

Cranberry Delight Hemp Balls – think Turkish delight but even better. These are full of flavour with tart cranberries, sweet notes of vanilla and the subtle floral essence of rose water. The glorious colour comes from beetroot and pitaya powder which are both full of antioxidants and great to detoxify the body. Coconut, cashews and hemp seeds make up the base of this high protein energy snack.

Lemon and Coconut Hemp Balls – with Maca powder make for a most enjoyable energy boost. High in plant based protein, gluten free and refined sugar free.

Roasted Hazelnut Cacao Hemp Balls – a healthy version of a Nutella style snack.

Beauty Bar – a blend of raspberries, cranberries, strawberries and goji berries teamed with hemp seeds, almonds and raw cacao. These are also supercharged this slice with a brew of adaptogens Chaga mushroom and Schisandra Berry to help with skin health, stress relief, longevity and radiance.

Mermaid Bounty Bar – this beauty comes in a mini size but will be sure to satisfy with nutrient dense coconut and hemp. The gorgeous blue colourings are thanks to Blue Spirulina with the addition of blueberries. Blue Spirulina is a pigment derived from blue green algae. It is exceptionally high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Rock Road Bar – snack guilt free with this gorgeous combination of cacao, hemp, Reishi Mushroom, peanuts, hazelnuts, berries, dates, dried flowers, sunflower seeds, coconut, buckwheat kernels

To top it off we also have hemp milk available for your drinks. Try your flat white or chai latte with hemp milk for all of the same amazing benefits with your next caffeine fix.

Head to Darwin’s or On A Roll Bakery to try out the healthy hemp range today!