Don’t scribe for me - It can be quite stressful keeping up with some lecturers, so get OneNote on the case. This app records and time-stamps as you take notes, so you can go back and refer to what the lecturer was saying at the exact time you wrote the note. The cloud-based storage also makes collaboration and access a cinch. 

Travel light– uni is a moveable feast, so make sure you invest in a single machine that has enough grunt to run the professional grade software you need to learn on, with power to spare to stream movies, play music, share images and run games. One device, zero problems. And make sure you get an LTE device: they’re always connected, so no more hot-spotting or wi-fi hunting. 

Replace toner - Print queues are a total dead zone, so avoid those by saving everything to OneDrive, accessible from any device running almost any OS. Notes, vouchers, movie tickets, invitations – there’s no reason to hurt a tree anymore. 

Ka-ching - Money is also something you want to save at uni (and beyond), so get in the habit of using your .edu email to access great discounts and complete freebies, such as a free subscription to Office365Noice. 

Take it offline– to avoid getting chained to the nearest power point (hallways do not make for great study environments), learning to preserve your battery is a core skill. Thankfully, the offline reading mode on all Microsoft Surface devices does the trick for you. 

Better together– you may have been told that group projects are the absolute worst but that’s most likely down to poor communication channels. Get everyone set up on the same collaboration tool (Microsoft’s Teams and OneNote is one to consider), and you’ll find things running a lot smoother from the get-go. 

Plan ahead – while it’s tempting to run on a similar OS as your mobile device, think about broadening your skills and experience, especially in terms of productivity software. With over 90% of Global Fortune 500 organisations currently using Microsoft technology, it’s never too early to start future-proofing your skills and tech literacy. 

Everything you need to survive is already bundled in the new Microsoft Surface range, now available via the University Portal, and including a heap of tech support and tutorials to get you up to speed and keep moving ahead. It’s not exactly cheating, but it is designed to give you a head start. 

Check the great Microsoft Surface bundles now available via the UQ Portal .