With this new world we are experiencing, learning and obtaining skills in technology can help you succeed in school and develop further skills to prepare you for your future. These skills will also help build your leadership reputation to prepare for life after university or college. Today’s students have a wealth of opportunity to create and solve problems through learning technology and computer science; a highly important skill for today’s digital environment. 

Get access to tools, learning resources, and other special offers like Azure credits and opportunities to learn directly from Microsoft experts. 

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Want more involvement? 

Microsoft’s Learn Student Ambassadors are a global group of campus leaders who are eager to help fellow students, create robust tech communities, and develop technical and career skills for the future. As an ambassador, you might find yourself organizing a virtual hackathon to solve the world’s toughest problems or helping fellow students build their coding skills with Microsoft Learn – it is all up to you. You can also make a difference, expand your impact and share your passions through original content, peer mentoring, and facilitating opportunities such as Microsoft Image Cup and student hackathons. Get unique access to Microsoft resources and personnel that can help you lead in your community while you prepare for your graduation. 

Be force for good- locally and globally. Visit: https://studentambassadors.microsoft.com/en-us