If you’re looking for fun things to do in Brisbane with friends and family during the week, the weekends or even for special occasions and mini-golf is your thing, then Holey Moley Golf Club is the place to be! The one place where you can be silly, cheer about hole in ones and slap a big ol’ high five with your teammates.

Located in Fortitude Valley, the centre of Brisbane City, with a retro-carnival-theme and home to a heritage-listed church turned late-night club and now a mini-golf, this is the best mini-golf places in Brisbane. Sidney and I visited this unique bar…behind the wooden gates you’ll find an astroturf garden bar, lavish sitting areas, food trucks and a resident golf cart… HEAVEN!

Upon arrival, we received our golfing visors and the wonderful staff served us the club house favourite cocktail, The Sugar Caddy (blend of Smirnoff Vodka, lychee liqueur, cranberry and lime juice shaken with blueberry puree and served with the almighty Holey Moley candy kebab), this was a good start to our arvo.

We later went on to try 18-holes and in true mini golf style, each of Holey Moley’s 18-holes has its own theme: Neon, The Simpsons, Willy Wonka’s Factory, ET, UNO, Graveyard and so many others. The ground floor features the first 9-hole mini-golf course, while upstairs in the wraparound astroturf galley are the other 9-holes.

Each hole also features its own rule/instruction guide which tells you how to get your balls in… and even this will have you putting balls into anything from loops, to missing pacmans to negotiating colors, getting your way through chocolates and ensuring your last ball enters the “ass” – the donkey. Also… NO CHEATING – teams are given scorecards as well to keep track of who’s doing what… I won the first 9 holes but was left defeated in the second set of 9-holes… I blame the ass!

For those who need a break from mini golf, there’s also ping pong tables and pinball machines for some extra amusement. Holey Moley also has all kinds of fun bar food available, starting with snacks like popcorn, candy floss, Hoffa nuts through to ‘Bits & Pieces’ such as one half a kilo of Buffalo wings. And those who need a drink or need refills, you can always grab a drink from the Caddyshack cocktail bar and have a sip while you play…

Holey Moley is Brisbane’s craziest and most unique mini golf venue, Par none! It’s one place you gotta go to and I would highly recommend it. And with your My UQU Rewards card, you can get 9 Holes of Mini Golf for $10 (Monday -Thursday until 5pm) …how cool is that? Check out their website and book a trip with your friends: https://www.holeymoley.com.au/locations/fortitude-valley