Congratulations to Prashnil Dass, your 2019 My UQU Rewards CEO!

As CEO, Prashnil will explore some of the amazing opportunities My UQU Rewards has to offer. He will share his discoveries, his adventures and all of his experiences.

Tell us a little about yourself:

Well, I Googled myself this morning and here’s what I found… 20-year-old male, 5’ 10”, home is the heart of the South Pacific – Fiji and is Fijian of Indian descent. I would consider myself a bit of a perfectionist with a big heart who tries to maintain a down-to-earth personality. I live by the words, ‘Believe in Action’ because it’s best not to overthink and over assess things; do more, think less! If Hollywood made a movie about my life, it would be called ‘Endless Heights’ – I’m all about seizing opportunities and trying new and interesting things in life.

In my spare time, I love travelling, shopping, and trying out the best eateries in Brisbane. I dabble in photography and love to binge watch shows on Netflix and STAN. My love for my curries also precedes me whilst my baking skills are still pretty raw…

What are you studying?

I’m an International student, currently in my 2nd year studying Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety Science (Honours). My current program is under the Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) sponsored by the Australian government under DFAT. As a science student, I get to cover subjects like chemistry, biology, psychology, management, physics, law and so many others – every day is as exciting as the other when you study OH&S. I am set to graduate in 2021 which is daunting, but I’m totally stoked at the same time!

Dream job:

Once I graduate, I’d like to work as a OH&S professional for some reputable company/industry (if they pay me good!). My passion lies in creating a safe working environment for the success of a business by coordinating health and safety systems in an organisation. This may sound like an unconventional choice in terms of other careers but knowing that my job will ensure the safety of every worker out there is important to me. Even though it gives me a bit of anxiety and chills, OHS is both complicated and easy. It comes with a big responsibility and I’m willing to take that with open arms…call me Mr Confident!

Weekend schedule:

My weekends are pretty smooth! I start my Saturday with a cleaning marathon which starts from my room (the one place that’s usually the messiest!) and leads to the whole house… Call that ingrained training from my parents. I usually whip up some new recipe at home and later enjoy Brisbane’s night life but that’s a rare case…or maybe not? Sundays are usually a relax-day for me, but I always end up studying, heading out for lunch or dinners or spend my time playing games on my phone (it’s an addiction!).

Fav travel destination:

Honestly, I’ve only ever been to Australia…mostly Melbourne but I’ve been to Cairns, Sydney, and Brisbane almost 4 times in total now (I know I need a vacay ASAP!). But I do wish to tour Europe and Asia with a few friends of mine after I graduate. If you’ve been there and have tips, throw them at me! I’d really appreciate it.

Fav Brisbane food spots:

Okay this was a head-wrecker because I have a lot of favourite food spots! On the top of my cuisine list would be Japanese, Italian, Asian, Indian and American cuisines however I’m more of a fancy restaurant, good food kind of person so here are my top 3 food places in Brisbane in no particular order:

  • Gauge, South Brisbane
  • 1889 Enoteca, Woolloongabba
  • Stokehouse Q, South Bank