Markapps is owned and operated by executives that have developed applications for some of Australia’s most iconic brands and is now looking for passionate programmers who know and understand how important the customer experience is and would ideally like to actually own a piece of the company they work for. No previous experience required, everyone needs a break, we are looking for talented people with the right attitude, not great looking CV’s. As part of the team at Markapps, there is an opportunity to work directly with C Level executives from Blue Chip companies whilst being supported by a team of like-minded peers. Learn what it takes to run a company, what to focus on, how a P&L works or why governance is so important and so much more. A flexible working environment exists, we believe in a work environment that is focused on rewarding results not time spent in offices, so you can choose to work, nights, days, weekends, in fact when you feel like it because we know as a part owner you will do the right thing by your company. What language do we program in? This isn’t important as we are looking for people with the right attitude as the priority and we are willing to support you through any learning process you may require. So why not reach out today, perhaps your next step in your career is but a click away. Don’t underestimate yourself, meet and work with knowledgeable people who have designed software for some of the largest and most iconic brands in Australia and overseas. 

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