• 💎 Snubbing your partner with your phone. Stop talking & scrolling to give your partner the attention they deserve. Is your phone interrupting your time together? Games, emails & social media can wait. Tending to your phone instead of a partner can feel like rejection and be damaging to mental health. Mark some time each day without phone use.
  • 💎 Using your phone as a distraction. Do you turn your attention to your phone to avoid stress and negative events in real life? Failing to address the reality of a situation by turning your attention to your screen is bad news. Don’t use your phone to avoid intimacy & communication about difficult issues. Try creating tech free zones in your space.
  • 💎 You only text. Yea, texting is convenient but messages can get lost in the barrage of communications we receive each day. Sometimes a good old fashioned phone call gets the job done better than anything. Hearing your voice is worth a thousand kissy emojis and separates your SO from just another text.

It’s easy to get lost in the digital world but don’t forget that your significant other is your partner for a reason. Don’t let your phone mess it up. Keep it real ladies & gentlemen; couple selfies are coo though.