I remember growing up, whenever we went out, the word’s ‘buffet’ or ‘all you can eat’ would make me smirk in the evillest way possible…. I mean why not? It’s something many of us get excited about. Okay, by now you might have already figured I’m a food lover and what my reaction was like when I was told to check out Sizzling Mongolian BBQ… амттай (delicious)! 

Located in the suburbs of Taringa, 5 kilometres south-west of Brisbane CBD, this authentic Mongolian buffet restaurant with open kitchen and entrée hot food bar, is best for family dinners and birthday functions. The restaurant has free parking in the basement undercover car park which makes it more convenient. The restaurant features Mongalian-theme deco’s from the ceiling panels to the table and chairs to the overall set-up, it is true to its Mongolian heritage. 

Sidney and I dined at Sizzling Mongolian BBQ on a Saturday night. We were warmly welcomed by the staff at the restaurant and who then lead us to our tables. We started with entrée from the hot food bar which included vegetarian spring rolls, chicken bites, prawn and potato chips, potato gems, fried pork dumplings and fried wontons… I ate a little because I was so excited for the main!

If you’ve been to a Mongolian BBQ before you probably know the drill, if you haven’t, the premise is that the diner creates their own stir-fry which is then cooked by a chef on a large grill plate. First you pick your meat; beef, pork, lamb and/or chicken, then add whatever vegetables you want (onion, cabbage, carrots, bok choy etc), pick your side (rice, noodle or fried rice), then pick from a wide range of sauces (soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, sesame oil etc) and then the last step, give it to the chef! 

The chef then cooks your food on the large, round and solid iron griddle at temperatures up to 300 degrees. Once its cooked, he gives it back to you and… сайхан хооллоорой (bon appétit). It’s quite an interactive way of dining at Sizzling Mongolian BBQ as you are up out of your chair, picking your food and watching it being cooked by professionals. It’s also good because you get to have the ultimate control over what goes in your bowl and you can return at leisure and create a new combination…. did someone say more beef? 

For dessert, we had the special chocolate hot pot with bananas, apples, marshmallows prepared with Tia Maria & Cream as dips. This was something we both went crazy for… chocolate? Yes please! Other desserts include lychees and ice cream, fried ice cream, plain ice cream with toppings and banana fitters. The restaurant also has a bar with anything from premium to basic spirits, local beer, wine, cider and even soft drinks to quench your thirst…. BYO is also an option but for wine only! 

This authentic Mongolian BBQ restaurant is the best buffet place in Southwest Brisbane… I can assure that! Being convenient and close to Uni, this can be your next dinner spot and with your My UQU Rewards card, you can get 20% off your bill or if it’s your birthday, you can make the most out of the $1 birthday buffet. Check out their Facebook page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/sizzlingmongolianbbqhousetaringa/