You must have seen when parents tell their kids to go play outside, the excitement changes to heavy stomping, extended arms and airplane noises…. yes, they run outside, pretending to fly and just being carefree. Well I was one of those kids and I had always dreamt of having wings and flying. As I grew older, like everyone else, I wrote up a bucket list and on top of the list was a skydiving experience. It seemed like the most exhilarating thing to do but I never actually thought I’d do it… well not until I was told I’m going to try out tandem skydiving with Skydive Australia!

Skydive Australia in Brisbane is in beachside Redcliffe, just 30 minutes out of the hustle and bustle of the CBD making it the best spot with magnificent views of Brisbane, Moreton Bay and even Bribie Island.  They offer a wide range of skydiving products but tandem skydives are their specialty. Packages are available for singles and even groups. Unfortunately, one must be 12 years of age or older to skydive. Over the break, my friend Sidney and I were invited to experience Tandem Skydiving.


Our diving was scheduled for 9am on a cold morning which meant we needed loose clothing and closed footwear but a hoodie to keep us warm. We checked in at the Redcliffe office and went through the sky diving instructions and safety training. Each of us got our personal divers and my diver, Matt, gave me a pep talk which boosted my confidence and also relayed some tips for my photos and videos while putting me into the jumping gear…needless to say, my photos came out pretty good so personal tip: always smile…even through the fear and the wind while falling.

We then drove to the drop zone where we boarded our plane. Within a few minutes of take-off, we were ready to fall freely, 15,000 ft over the beaches and CBD of Brisbane. I won’t lie, the feeling of being on that plane before the dive is scary and once the doors open for the jump…you just want to cry out for help! But that’s the best part…The ultimate thrill of freefall at over 200km/hr for up to an insane 60 seconds is like no adrenaline rush out there!

After the thrilling fall, you slowly drift under canopy for 5-7 minutes and this is the best time to soak up the spectacular views from above. We finally touched down on the silky sands of a nearby beach in seaside suburb of Redcliffe, in the picturesque Moreton Bay region.

After the fall, we drove back to the office to collect our belongings and our photos + videos (The photos and videos come in a separate package, so make sure you check this when booking!). This is something I’ll personally recommend, even if its like ticking off things from your bucket list like me or just getting to get rid of fear of heights. Whilst you’re in Brisbane, make sure you go check it out!

This has been one of the best experiences of my life and knowing you can use your My UQU Rewards Card to get $50 off your booking when you use the code: UQU19, what more can you ask for? So, step outside your comfort zone and push personal boundaries with a skydive experience you’ll remember forever!!