I get why loads of students buy Apple Macs at Uni: they look good and it’s a label people recognise. But maybe it’s time to get a bit more real when choosing your next device.

The reality is that most of your future employers will be working on a Windows platform. And it will be important in whatever job you get to hit the ground running. The good news is that the Microsoft Surface is an awesome Uni machine on Windows – it’s stylish, solid, and it has loads of features you don’t get on a Mac.

The Surface is slick but very portable. You can get a cheap one for Spotify and keeping on top of Uni work, or spend a bit more to get one with real power to do anything you need. The touchscreen and Surface pen work seamlessly with OneNote software – it allows you to take mixed notes (with a pen or the keyboard), record audio, sketch, film, do Maths and graphs and even search your hand-written notes! The screen is also great for streaming and the sound quality is good too, for a small machine.

You get everything you would get on a tablet – but it’s also a proper laptop!

So start thinking about what would really work best for you. Don’t just go with the Apple crowd, start on a Surface for networking, Netflix and and note-taking!

There’s a great offer on now for students at UQ to purchase a Microsoft Surface. Go to www.compnow.com.au/earbuds to get a free pair of earbuds worth $319.00!