I can understand that bowling is not everyone’s cup of tea… I mean my first-time bowling was a nightmare, it wasn’t really up my or any other alleys at the arcade for that matter but hey there’s a first time for everything right? But what if I say that bowling isn’t the only thing a bowling arcade can offer… what if it’s got karaoke, laser tag… and even an escape room? Plus, a bar that serves drinks and food… Well don’t fret, friends: no matter what life throws at you during this stressful time at Uni, you can bowl it off! And Strike Bowling has you covered.

Located on level 3 of the Wintergarden shopping mall, off the Queen Street Mall, this can be your next chill spot even with a group of friends, with activities ranging from bowling alleys, pool tables, karaoke rooms, escape rooms and a laser skirmish arena. If parking is your worry, paid parking is available at Kings Parking below the Wintergarden. My friend Sidney and I went down to Strike on a Sunday afternoon to find out what Strike offers… and let’s just say that they left no pin standing!

Upon entry, the ever smiling, humble and super-Strike staff, get you all-ready for your adventure. We started off with the escape room called “The Red Manor”. If you don’t know what escape rooms are… escape rooms are like real-life puzzles where a group of people are locked in a themed room and everyone must work together to escape. Everything around you could be a clue… or not? And you must find hidden objects, solve riddles, crack clues and beat the clock to escape the room (you get hints and pass options so don’t worry!).

That’s essentially what we did but I won’t give the details because that just ruins the fun doesn’t it? I’ll let you guys try this out for yourselves when you head down to Strike Bowling next – my personal recommendation. It’s an interesting team-bonding activity and trust me, it’s not as scary as it sounds! (if you remember my previous blog, “I’m a scaredy cat!”). The Strike escape room was the highlight of the day so check it out!

After the escape rooms, we headed to the bowling alley… where you don’t get to wear shoes… wait let me complete my sentence… you don’t get to wear your shoes but you’re given Velcro Shoes… and boy oh boy those bad boys are sleek! Once you’ve got your shoes on, you head to the alley and let that competitive spirit take over. The Strike Bowling Alley provides 12-bowling lanes and each bowling lane has lane-end video projections, special effects lighting, soft comfortable seating, computerised scoring, with food and beverages able to be served to the lanes… convenience to the T!

Aside from bowling, Strike also has the latest in interactive entertainment from video and pinball games area to the Pool Lane, which has four pool tables. They also offer theme nights including karaoke, sports viewing, a dance floor and a Skybox private function room. And if you can’t have it all… you can always try your hand at laser-tag. All these are a good workout and it’s just as well as those pizzas that will have you Ninja Turtle-ing it and ordering another pie before the end… yummy yummy!

Strike Bowling is a great place to get away, particularly if you like to knock down the pins and can get yourself a strike or a spare… even take out your uni frustrations on the poor pins. You don’t have to be good and not that I’m any great bowler, but the atmosphere makes it conducive to get others drunk so it becomes a bit easier (don’t tell anyone!)… So, whether it’s escape rooms, laser tag, bowling or karaoke that you’re after, head into Strike Bowling at Wintergarden and you won’t be let down. Plus, with your My UQU Rewards card, you get a game of bowling for just $8. For more details about deals and activities, head to: https://www.strikebowling.com.au