Time block. Don’t write to-do lists! Though it’s absolutely essential to get your ‘to-dos’ down on paper, research shows that 41% of tasks people write on to-do lists never get done. Instead, time block. That is, simply spend 5 minutes on Google Calendar scheduling out when you will perform specific tasks for the day; you can also schedule in free time, that way you feel no guilt about hanging with friends for a couple of hours because you know you’ve allotted time for this, and that you’ll start that paper later on, at 5 pm.

Check-in with your tutor. One relatively easy way to get better marks is to make sure you’re on the right track with your assignments throughout the planning process. You can do this by checking in a couple of times with your subject tutor—first, you can send them your thesis for feedback, and later down the track your essay plan. Just emailing them two times means you’re very likely to get better marks.

Start your assignments early. Crunching out a 2,000 word, red-bull-fueled essay the night before it’s due is never a good idea. This will undoubtedly lead to worse marks, plus it will make you feel super stressed. Now I understand that procrastination is a very real foe, but you can beat it!! Check out some methods of improving your motivation so you can start assignments ahead of time here: https://www.yourunimentor.com/getmotivated

Get your papers proofread. That is where Your Uni Mentor comes in. A lot of our tutors have been on the dean’s honors list and are receiving top marks in their subjects; they can pass onto you the tips and tricks of writing A+, stand-out essays!

We can help you with:

  1. Proofreading: including fixing grammatical errors, heightening clarity, helping with essay structure & tying your ideas back to your argument.
  2. The essay process: including how to research better, breakdown essay questions, form an argument and efficiently extract notes from your sources.

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