Embrace your inner creative

Whatever your secret passion might be, whether it is writing, art, photography or filmmaking, your summer break is the perfect time to let those creative vibes flow and start a new project. The best part about all of that free time is that you have no restrictions or any other major responsibilities to think about! Why not try your hand at starting a blog, making a short film, or painting a mural, you’ve got an entire summer to think big! Creative projects are even more fun with friends or family, so why not see who else is keen to get involved. You might end up with something incredible and be inspired to pursue your newly embraced hobby.

Get a head start on the new study semester

We all know that starting the new university year is hard enough, but it can be extra challenging after a summer of incredible adventures and unforgettable memories. It can help to ease the transition from holidays to full study-mode if you’re already starting to get yourself into the right mind-set to learn before heading back to uni. We really recommend taking a look at your course curriculum for the upcoming semester, which should be available online for you. It’ll help you get your focus back into studying and maybe even a little excited about all the new content you’ll be learning!

Keep moving

Beautiful Brisbane is one of Australia’s sunniest cities, with an average of 283 rain-free days each year! It’d be a shame to spend those sunny summer days inside, so why not head out and explore all that Brisbane has to offer. You might even learn a bit about yourself while you’re out and about too! Why not give a new hobby a go? You could try campaign, bush walking, hiking, rock climbing, or even travel a little further afield and see what else Australia has to offer!

Earn some real-world experience

Getting a job and earning yourself some money is one the most productive things you can do over the summer break. Finding a part-time job can be pretty easy during the holiday period as many retail and hospitality venues need extra support during the seasonal times of year. Opportunities to gain some work experience is also a great option during summer too, especially if you’re able to find an organisation in the industry you’re studying. People often go away on holidays over summer so some businesses can find themselves needing to fill some roles. Offering to get involved during this time will put you in great stead with that company, give you an opportunity to network, and also look fantastic on your CV once you’ve finished up at university and are looking for your first full time job.

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