Combining the love of wildlife, thrill-seeking rides, education about Aboriginal culture, fantasy land of Dreamworks and Whitewater world’s refreshing water park, it’s no surprise this theme park is a massive hit amongst locals and travellers!

Dreamworld is split into 7 different regions – Main Street, Ocean Parade, Dreamworks, Tiger Island, ABC Kids & Wiggles World, Corroboree and Gold Rush Country – in addition to Whitewater World. Brandon and I arrived around 9:45am to find a healthy line of eager individuals, so we grabbed a park map and show schedule to strategically plan our day (to avoid as many queues as possible)! The following is a summary of how we spent our day and is definitely an effective route for avoiding queues and seeing the best highlights Dreamworld has to offer!

How to best spend your day at Dreamworld:

  • Start your day at 10:00am on Main Street to gather your bearings, grab a classic photo with the Dreamworld sign and hit a quick toilet stop, since you’re in for a big day!

  • Tackle your first rides of the day at Gold Rush Country. We rode ‘the Giant Drop’ – an insane 120 metre or 37 story free-fall drop. You think that watching the riders, strapped-in tight, slowly soar sky-high to the top is nerve-wracking … wait till you actually experience it for yourself! Brandon and I jumped on the ride with enthusiasm, but that slowly disintegrated as we watched the carpark gradually disappear and people at ground-level turn to the size of ants as we crept up the tower. Once the ride reaches the top, you are made to wait anxiously for the drop, feeling every second slowly tick by which honestly felt decades long … then WHOOSHHH out of nowhere you suddenly plummet 120m! I swear my heart left my body or stopped beating for a good 10sec … I had a good 10min of post-ride palpitations too. But man, it was the most insane adrenaline rush ever!! We would also recommend the 15-storey looped rollercoaster Buzzsaw, which was unfortunately closed for us, but sounds like a definite thriller!
  • Settle your heart rate by taking a walk through Corroboree – an area celebrating the rich culture, heritage, wildlife and stories of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestors. Learn the ancient craft of fire making, face painting, weapon shaping, music and art, while getting up close with Australia’s native koalas, kangaroos and crocodiles. We stumbled across some cute sleeping koalas and tree kangaroos, a busy Tasmanian Devil scuttling around its enclosure, a curious emu getting nosy with visitors and a massive aviary of birds squawking away! There is a wonderful educational talk about koalas around 11:00am, and visitors can also opt for personal animal encounters at an additional fee.

  • Get up close and personal with the jungle’s most fearsome predators at Tiger Island. Stick around until 12:00pm for the Tiger presentation show – you’ll become mesmerised by their finesse performing tricks, their unleashed ferocity at feeding time, and their grace gliding underwater in the splash pool. Tiger Island is also the only location in QLD to allow visitors to personally feed tigers, so definitely worth hitting up if you love these jungle cats.

  • Visit the land of far, far away as you enter Dreamworks – the home to your favourite Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda stars! Character appearances flock all around Dreamworks so definitely check the timetable to see when your favourites come out to play – some to mention include Shrek (11:40am), Kung Fu Panda Po (11:50am) and Gingy (12:00pm). You can also hit up some awesome rides here, including our favourite the ‘Escape from Madagascar’ rollercoaster!

  • Your final destination Ocean Parade is where the rest of the exciting rides lie! Three rides tried, tested and passing with flying colours were ‘The Claw, Shockwave and Wipeout’. The Claw is a 360 degree spinning and swinging claw arm reaching speeds up to 75km/hr – it felt similar to the giant drop every time the claw swung, but with the added whizzing round in circles! Shockwave is a milder version of the Claw, involving 360 degree spins as you are propelled across a 63m wave-like track and reaching speeds up to 54km/hr. But our favourite ride of the day was Wipeout, a 40 seat gondola that completes single/ double/ triple flips, spins, twists and tumbles similarly like a huge ocean wave – you may even be left hanging upside down for a while!

  • It’ll be about 1:00pm by the time you do one lap of Dreamworld, the perfect time for some lunch! Hot food options include Tiger Island’s Noodle hut, the Billabong restaurant buffet, gourmet pizzas at Dough Bros or quality burgers at Grid Burgers. Other options like the Sandwich Hut and Food Central offer a huge range of fresh and fast food! If you’ve got portable food, consider checking out the 12:45pm Dreamtones singers performance on Main Street for some catchy melodic tunes.
  • After lunch, you can either opt for more rides at Ocean Parade, checking out the showtimes schedule to hunt down more characters or see other shows, or you can make your way to Whitewater World for some water splashing fun!

Hot tip: if you’re a huge attraction rides fan, make sure you check out the Dreamworld BIG 9 Thrill Rides collection – Tail Spin, Giant Drop, Tower of Terror II, Buzzsaw, Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster, Pandamonium, Hot Wheels SideWinder and The Claw!

Dreamworks encompasses all the theme parks, animals and movie characters one could imagine, and is the perfect destination for a wild day out!

What: Dreamworld

When: 363 days per year (open daily 10:00am – 5:00pm)

Where: Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera, QLD, 4209

Contact: 5588 1111,

My UQU Rewards Deal: 15% off single day admission ticket OR season passes