We’ve teamed up with our mates at Newstead Brewing Co. to brew you a delicious beer.

UQ Union is stoked to unveil the Sir Fred New World Pilsner!

Taking inspiration from the classic dry pilsners from Europe, this hoppy lager is delicate and easy drinking. Straw in colour, it’s clean and crisp with a quick finish, leaving you wanting another. Using a noble-hop derived Australian cultivar, tropical and spicy hop characters are found throughout. With a mid-range abv of 4.2%, it partners well with most foods, while drinking perfectly on its own accord. It’s a modern Australian spin on a classic style.

The Sir Fred is named after the one and only Sir Fred Schonell, who served as UQ’s Vice-Chancellor in the 1960s. It’s exclusively available at Oktoberfest (prost!) and REDROOM so grab a cold one today!