Foolish humans make their way to the mad house, unbeknownst to the fact they are about to witness the most eccentric, flamboyant and outrageously MA15+ vampire-themed show in Australia!

Dracula’s is a comedy cabaret restaurant – think ‘raunchy’ musical – that delivers a captivating 3-hour theatrical show in the company of a delicious menu and ‘appropriately-themed’ drinks selection. The current show ‘Terrorbyte’ (showing until 26th Sept) is described as a ‘hypnotically captivating and gloriously spectacular’ show that takes the viewer to a ‘spine-tingling vaudeville world of delightfully trashy’ vampires. It promises a killer soundtrack, mesmerising live performances and special effects, led by an awe-inspiring 7-person cast whose edgy personas will shake and rattle you to the bone!

Three main ticket packages can be purchased:

  • Show only ($59-$69) – includes ghost train ride, full cabaret show & available tapas menu for purchase
  • Cabaret ticket ($95-$105) – includes ghost train ride, full cabaret show & 3-course dinner
  • VIP a reserve ($115-$130) – includes ghost train ride, full cabaret show, 3-course dinner, priority entrance and exclusive access to venue at start of night, finger food and sparkling wine on arrival, souvenir VIP necklace, premium seating, complimentary tea or coffee & discounts on selected merchandise.

Brandon and I had absolutely no idea what to expect upon receiving our invite to Dracula’s. I can recount passing Dracula’s on multiple occasions on our way to Pacific Fair or The Star Casino but had never quite known what it was about – but tonight was the night to dispel all my myths. Upon our arrival to the line at the entrance door, I knew we were in for a big spooky night – roaming around the premises were actors dressed as vampires, creeping up to spook innocent attendees and by-passers (much to the hilarity of everyone else!). In small groups, attendees were led into a small room for an animated introduction, which honestly really terrified me. Pre-warning: I’m absolutely terrified of horror and supernatural things, so my recount of the spooky pre-show events may seem a little dramatic and overexaggerated haha. My anxiety slightly worsened as we were led through a narrow ‘blood-stained’ corridor adorned with fake limbs, but thankfully we climbed a stairway leading to a huge, open lounge/ bar area that really resonated vibes of the loungeroom from the Cluedo board game. Definitely the perfect place to grab a drink, mingle with other attendees, stop for a toilet break and grab a fancy Instagram photo! One more surprise awaits attendees before entering the theatre – the dreaded ghost train!! I won’t spoil the surprise too much apart from saying you really should expect to be surprised and shocked 😉

After all the theatrical pre-show events, you finally arrive at the grand amphitheatre – featuring a huge stage watched on by two levels of seating. As special recipients of VIP tickets, we were treated to front and centre seating, pre-show snacks (corn chips and dip), our dinner entrée (chicken, leek and fennel tart), cheeky champagne and a special Dracula’s gold necklace. As Brandon and I settled into our delicious entrée, enjoying the excitable ambience and live music, I suddenly had my tart abruptly stabbed by a knife!! I looked up … and surprise surprise, I had found my vampire waiter for the night, knife in hand and impatiently waiting for Brandon and I to finish our food. We knew we were in for a crazy night!

I can only best describe the main show entertainment as … well, completely outrageous! I’ll omit the finer details of the night to not spoil the surprise, but I will say the show featured glorious performances of combined singing/ dancing/ acrobatics, hilarious side skits (including an obscene Trump-related one), interactive audience moments (including a cast member using a fishing rod to ‘literally fish’ a bra off a female audience member), and completely random moments of cast members chasing each other with fake machetes and chainsaws … just another night at Dracula’s I guess! My absolute favourite cast member was the flamboyant male vampire Coco, the high-flying DJ vampire diva with big hair, taller stilettos and endless amounts of sass! One skit involved him perfectly executing 25+ different ways to utilise an ordinary vacuum cleaner … don’t think I will ever look at one normally again. Another huge delight of the night is the delicious 3-dinner menu available, featuring a chicken, leek and fennel tart (entrée), choice of either beef, chicken, salmon or vegetarian patties (main) and a clever ‘chocolate coffin’ (dessert). Also available is an extensive menu of horror-based drinks, including one that comes in a blood bag! After an extremely entertaining 2hrs of music and laughter, all attendees were given the opportunity to meet the fabulous and highly talented cast in the main foyer, as well as browse the merchandise store.

Any lover of musical theatre, raunchy comedy jokes and wicked entertainment will rejoice in spending a night at Dracula’s. A night of entertainment like no other, you’ll find yourself bedazzled by the lights, in awe of the performances and in constant fits of laughter. Trust me, it won’t disappoint 😉

What: Dracula’s Comedy Cabaret restaurant

When: 5 days per week (Tuesday to Saturday)

Where: 1 Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach, Gold Coast, QLD, 4218

Contact: 5563 4900,

My UQU Rewards Deal: 20% off tickets from Tuesday to Friday