Paradise jet boating is a 55min action-packed boat ride that takes you over 35km of the Broadwater area, and is the only jet boating tour to access the restricted ‘Moreton Bay Marine Park’ filled with stunning natural scenery, as well as dolphin and other wildlife spotting opportunities. The ride passes the iconic Sea World theme park, South Stradbroke island and takes a captivating tour around Sovereign Island’s multi-million dollar mansions, all the while soaking up the beautiful scenery of the Marine Park.

Brandon and I arrived at the Paradise Jet Boats office for 11:30am check-in, aiming for a 12:00pm departure. Staying at YHA Surfers Paradise had its perks, being situated at the same dock as other various water sports (ie jet skiing, jet boating, helicopter rides, cruises, scuba diving etc). Jet boating is a clear-cut hit amongst International travellers, to the dismay of our hilarious boat driver who stumbled his way through the passenger list filled with overly cultural surnames. Important to note is that all passengers must store loose items (eg cameras, phones etc) in their safe boxes … sadly no opportunities to Instagram or snapchat in the boat, but on the flipside a fantastic opportunity to soak up the exciting atmosphere undistracted (as well as not worry about losing a phone). Passengers have the choice to wear a complimentary raincoat (think ‘the matrix’ black cloak, or the black hoods of dementors from Harry Potter) and life jacket. Here I deliver the first of my important tips. Tip #1 – if you don’t want to look like a drowned rat after the ride, grab a dementor cloak.

Once everyone has their safety equipment on, our driver started loading everyone strategically into the boat in certain spots. Thankfully, Brandon and I were placed beside the driver up front where we remained relatively dry and enjoyed some light, humorous chats with the driver. Tip #2 – ask the driver to sit yourself in the back row if you want to get soaked and feel the full throttle of the twists and spins … alternatively, ask the driver to sit yourself in the front row if you want to stay a dry and enjoy some quality banter. He ran through some quick safety instructions (ie don’t stand up mid-ride waving your hands around like a car sales tube man), then we jetted off on our boating adventure!

Commonly described as a ‘water-based rollercoaster’, our driver raced through the bumpy waters to make the trip as enthralling as possible! Man, they are not kidding when they say this ride is jam-packed with full 360 spins, high speed drifting and sliding, and exciting boat manoeuvres that give you a refreshing ocean shower. Let me bring you to my important tip #3 – do not board the ride with a full bladder … because well, you may soak yourself with more than just sea water! My favourite highlight was jetting around the Sovereign Islands and hearing about the grandiosity of each house – one house had a 3m indoor diving board for their indoor pool!

I had no idea what to expect with jet boating, but boy I’m so glad I got to experience it … it was the most exhilarating ride! If a 55min action-packed water roller coaster sounds like your walk in the park, definitely consider hitting up Paradise Jet Boating & use your UQU rewards card to score a sweet discount!

What: Paradise Jet Boating

When: 9am to 4pm daily, starts every hour (check in 30min prior to departure)

Where: Shop 7B, Mariners Cove Marina, 60 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, Gold Coast, QLD, 4217

Wear: Comfortable clothing

Provided: Raincoat & lifejacket (if you desire to stay relatively dry)

Contact: 1300 538 262,

My UQU Rewards Deal: $10 off full-priced jet boat adventure ride (under travel/leisure category)