General Information

There is still help available on campus

Studying online can present some unique challenges to students. For some people can impact things such as motivation to study and feeling connected to the UQ community or your studies. A lot of students might feel unsure about what level of support they will be able to access if everything is being done online or by distance. 

UQ still has supports available to students to help them engage in their studies and feel connected to the UQ community.

The following are some helpful links that explain the support available to students who are studying online, you might want to have a look through these to consider if this support will work for you

Students are still able to access UQU’s Student Advocacy and Support service via phone and Skype as well.


Current employment climate for students

If you defer or withdraw completely this semester, it is worth considering the current climate with employment and how many part time and casual jobs are available to students. With many businesses closing and a large number of part time and causal jobs disappearing there is a harsh reality that finding a job might be a struggle.


Centrelink eligibility

If you’re thinking about deferring or withdrawing, you might want to consider your Centrelink payments. In order to receive Youth Allowance payments you need to be enrolled as a full time student. This means you have to be enrolled in no less than 3 courses.


International Students

Things to think about if you are an international student considering withdrawing from your studies (completely or with a reduced study loading)

If you require additional time after your current student visa expires to complete and fulfil program requirements due to the current pandemic by deferring/interruption/lesser study loading – a new student visa will be required and it can only be done through a completely new student visa application.

We verbally call it a student visa “extension” but in reality it is a completely new student visa application so all necessary requirements need to be met again in the form of (but may not be limited to) new application forms to be submitted, visa application fees to be paid, OSHC to be arranged and satisfying health check requirement to be met for visa purposes.

Cost of visa application

Student visa application starts from AUD620 for a single student visa applicant unless otherwise exempt

Cost of health insurance

All International Students studying in Australia are required to meet relevant Migration legislation(s) such as (but not limited to) having adequate Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for all applicants and health checks for visa purposes in order to be granted an Australian student visa.

Please bear in mind those that this is general advice only, and your case may be special.  Should you wish to discuss your own circumstances, do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our SAS Migration Agents.

NOTE: Above mentioned are based on standard process unless otherwise announced/arrangements made by the Australian Government.