Step 1

A tutor completes their profile

After registering, the tutor will set their course codes, location, hourly rate and availability.

Step 2

The tutor waits for approval

Once their profile has been completed and classes added, the tutor is notified of the success of their Vygo application within 24 hours.

Step 3

The tutor promotes their services

Tutors are encouraged to share their availability with classmates by updating their LinkedIn profile, posting or responding to requests for help in course-specific groups on social media as well as promoting their services on community boards like Gumtree.

Step 4

The tutor is notified of a message or session request

The tutor will receive a notification when a student enquiries after their services or requests a session. The tutor should then respond as soon as possible and either “Accept” or “Decline” a session. If the student has requested a session before messaging, and the session is at an inconvenient time, the tutor can “decline” the session and message the student to suggest another time.

Step 5

The tutor prepares for the session

The tutor should ask specifics of what the student needs help with and brush up on their notes or course content before attending the session.

Step 6

The tutor attends the session

The tutor will attend the session at the prearranged time and location (on or offline), select “Start session” to begin and “End session” to finish. The student is then charged and earnings are transferred into the tutor’s bank account weekly.

Step 7

The tutor follows up with the student

The end of a session is the best time for a tutor to prompt a student to rebook. They can end with “Would you like to book another session?” and encourage the student to leave a rating and review. The best tutors keep in touch with their students and check in after assignment due dates and exam block to see how their students went.

If the tutor has any questions or concerns about the session or how UQU Tutoring works, they can contact our support team anytime through the app using the “Inbox” and “Chat to Vygo” tab.

Find (or become!) tutors who have aced your exact class using the Vygo app.