Do I have to be Chinese or know Chinese in order to play Mahjong?

Absolutely not! The Mahjong tiles used are labelled with numbers and letters for non-Chinese players. However, you could also learn numbers 1 to 10 and North, South, East, West in Chinese which are easily recognizable. In fact, we strive to create a community of Mahjong players from different countries, cultures and backgrounds who can come together to socialize, network, make new friends, learn from one another and more importantly have fun!
Sure! Come down to any of our Mahjong sessions to learn from us. We cater to all levels of Mahjong players from novice to amateurs to experts.
Currently we play the Singapore and Hong Kong style Mahjong. We are looking to incorporate Japanese style Mahjong (Riichi) and Taiwanese style Mahjong in the future.