Why should I join UQ OFTW?

Joining our society would be a great opportunity to flesh out your budding interest in altruism, speak with people that are like-minded, attend fantastic social events to make new friends and educate yourself about important issues! We firmly believe that many of us wish to do good and help those in need, but don’t really understand the impact we can make, or the consequent steps to substantiate these desires. UQ OFTW seeks to make this process easier for you in an environment that is fun, social and interesting! Plus, membership is only $2!
Effective giving is based on the concept that not all giving is equal. Although many of us wish to do good and will readily donate our money, many of us don’t really understand the impact of our dollar. Or, we may not exactly know what our money is used for. Some of us question whether $5, $10 or $50 can really be impactful in alleviating extreme poverty. For some, this can be incredibly discouraging even though our hearts are in the right place. OFTW is a strong believer that helping others should not be a difficult feat. Instead, we believe that we can donate as little as 1% of our income, retain 99% to ourselves, and significantly improve the quality of life of those in developing countries. Effective giving is about understanding the impact your dollar can make, so long as it is given to charities that are effective and will most fruitfully maximise its impact.