I am a complete beginner at dance. Can I join?

YES absolutely!! All our style-based classes (Hip-Hop, Locking, Popping, Waacking, House) are open to all levels of dancers who want to learn or practice basic moves and foundations!

You’re also very welcome to join our Beginner Choreography classes to learn a dance routine – they are geared towards dancers at a beginner or no level of experience. Come through!!

FIRSTLY, YOUR dance is SPECIAL and YOURS and beautiful and no one can take that away from you! Live your best life and dance on the street and be 1000% you.

Secondly, if you want to improve at the execution of certain techniques, the combination of moves, using textures of movement, expressing power, feeling and remembering routines….practice, practice, practice your basics. Understand the full range of movement that your basic steps can go to, what proper muscles to use, how fast you can go, how slow, how many different feelings you can convey with them.

You will learn these things from watching and training with people that do these things! Everyone does things slightly differently and brings a different idea. Take class regularly but also PRACTICE regularly, by yourself but also with others. Hip-hop styles are social dances, not mirror dances.

Thirdly, travel for dance as soon as you are able. Take a harder class. Drive to a different studio. Go interstate, go international. There is so much in dance travel that is amazing and beautiful and unspeakable and indescribable and hard to explain except to others that have gone. You will improve – so – much (if you go as a dance student, not as a dance tourist).

Fourthly, turn the camera on (to record your progress) but also turn it off.

Your dance exists in the spaces between your heartbeats and the feeling of blood rushing to your muscles as they react to music that makes you feel – and you can’t capture that on screen. It is your deeply personal challenge and journey and relief – don’t make it about likes and hits and hashtags.

Yes, my goodness we’re sorry!! You’re not wrong, there is a lot going on but I would say – if all else fails and you hate social media and just want to keep up with ONE THING: then just get on our Instagram! We’re on there the most since most of the dance world is most active on Instagram these days 🙂

When we’re not scrolling FB memes tbh.