Is this society just for students at IMB?

  • Students (honours, masters and PhD) who are currently working at IMB or new students who expect to work as a student at IMB are eligible to join
  • Meetings are fortnightly every Thursday at 1 pm on level 3 in the Multimedia room (3.141) at IMB). Alternatively, come send us an email at simba@uq.edu.au or reach out to us at any of our socials
  • We hold many social events and academic events at IMB. We run:
  • IMB’s weekly rooftop drinks
  • Student symposium (a day to present your research and network with students and postdocs alike)
  • Trivia night
  • Hills to die on (a night to present your strongest opinions on inconsequential topics),
  • Last lecture series (hear from renowned science figureheads who share their journey as an academic)
  • And more!