What are the common events and when are they held?

We hold events every Tuesday during semester, usually from 5:30 – 7:30pm, with dinner afterwards. These are usually held in the Steele building at the St Lucia campus. Our normal structure is weekly anime screenings where we watch 4 episodes of our chosen show, broken up with monthly games nights, trivia nights, karaoke, and occasional movie screenings. We watch 2 shows, 1 movie, and hold 3 game/trivia nights a semester. More details are available on our Facebook or Discord.
At the start of each semester our members put in show recommendations. The executives assemble a shortlist, which members vote on at our Get To Know You Party. The top 4 shows have their first episode screened at our Battle Of The Pilots, and we have a final vote to decide which one we continue with, which will be the first anime of the semester. Once we’ve watched that anime, each executive picks one and the members vote on that, the winner of which is the second anime of the semester. All movies are chosen by the exec team with no vote.
Yes we do, and they’re a great way to meet other members and have some fun. Each semester we hold a Get To Know You Party in the first week to welcome all the newbies and do games like anime music quiz. Sponsor Tour happens a few weeks later, where we take everyone around to all our sponsors across Brisbane to get those sweet discounts. After exam blocks we have our end of semester dinner, and we have events on weekends and during the holidays too! Beach trip in the summer, camp in the winter, convention pilgrimages, and other random weekend events like hobby workshops.