Do I need any experience or to study Cyber/CompSci?

No. We hold events to cater to all experience levels! All you need is an interest in Cyber Security and some motivation ? . We also have members from various degrees, so whether you’re an Arts Student, BioMed or CompSci, feel free to come along!Cyber security awareness is important, even if you aren’t super good with the technical details!
These change from year to year, but we primarily focus on teaching general Cyber Security and problem solving skills so that we can participate in regular Cyber Security competitions called Capture the Flags (CTFs for short). Most CTFs usually focus on the security areas featured in the OWASP Top 10 which can be found here:, we base our training off these.
Keep an eye on our website and discord for the latest information. For 2022, we hold weekly meetups/events on Wednesdays at approx. 6pm We are usually in room 78-343.