Do I need to have debated before to join the UQDS?

Absolutely not! Many of our members join having never debated before, some straight out of high school and some even a few years into their degrees. The style of Uni debating differs a lot from school, so it’s a similar learning curve for everyone. We also run lots of programs to help you gain confidence and experience. Many of the best debaters UQDS has produced didn’t debate before joining.
Not at all – fewer than a third of our members have a background in Arts. The UQDS is a great way to meet a diverse range of people from a variety of degrees. Common areas of study beyond Arts include Science, Law, Engineering, IT, Psychology and Medicine, but nearly every degree is represented!
Generally, no. All the debates are short preparation, so there’s no need to research or write speeches in advance. While some people practice intensely, this is usually just to prepare for major tournaments, and most people just casually attend our weekly internals competition.