Is this society for students with provisional entry, or for GAMSAT-sitting students?

Both! UQPMS is a society for all students interested in studying Medicine. UQPMS offers access to exclusive GAMSAT academic tutorials and seminars, social events to meet your fellow premedical peers while having a good time, and professional networking events to get a taste of the what the medical field has to offer.
Academic: GAMSAT tutorials, seminars by sponsored tutoring companies, group study sessions. Social: Annual UQPMS Ball, the UQPMS Amazing Race, Pub Crawls, Social Sport. Professional: Networking Night, Research in MD Information Session, Mentor Program, 1st Aid Training.
The sheer number of societies at UQ can be a little overwhelming. UQPMS is a very active society full of fellow premedical students, and is a great way to get to know your fellow classmates and peers outside of your studies and lecture theatres! We run a large number of events throughout the year, and our Mentor Program is how many of our members form their closest friends early in their university degree. Through this society, you will meet many types of people from Brisbane, interstate and international. The people you meet in UQPMS will likely be your peers in Medical school and beyond, so this is a great place to get to know each other!