Do I need to be an expert on X-fandom (Marvel, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, etc)?

No! Our club is fully inclusive, with people from many different groups of interests, from those with a casual interest to die-hard fans. We aim to create a space to share our passions and recommendations and to make new friends- so no prior knowledge is required!
Nope! Our Tabletop nights (held roughly 4 times per semester) will have a range of games running suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced adventurers. Our volunteer Game Masters will usually provide characters for you, though you are welcome to bring your own along too, and the club has loan dice that you may borrow. Please also be aware that we run games in a variety of Tabletop systems, not just Dungeons and Dragons, so they’ll be a chance to try other games too like Pathfinder, Monster of the Week, Blades in the Dark and Legacy.
Our meetings are held on campus every Thursday evening during semester from 6-10pm, though you are welcome to arrive late and leave early as you please. We understand that students and non-students alike are quite busy, so you are never under any obligation to attend- but we like to get to know you and make friends so coming often is definitely recommended!