UQ Cyber Squad (UQCS)

UQ Cyber Squad, or as some like to call us; The UQ Hacking Club. We’re a band of proud Cyber Security enthusiasts who want to solve challenges and learn a thing or two. Plus have a lot of fun along the way!

UQ Oncology (UQOnc)

UQOnc unifies like-minded individuals with a passion for all things cancer-related. We aim to promote research, raise funds, and ultimately improve care and outcomes for those living with or afflicted by cancers of all forms. We provide academic, social, and career-specific opportunities for students in both medical and allied health disciplines.

UQ Fintech

Established in late 2020, UQ Fintech aims to actively facilitate the professional development of the University of Queensland’s keen problem-solving students into the next generation of industry problem solvers.

UQ Anthropology Society (UQAS)

The University of Queensland Anthropology Society’s (UQAS) mission is to build, maintain, and nurture a community of people interested in anthropology. Whether you took one course in anthropology 30 years ago, or currently completing a PhD with years of experience under your belt, UQAS is a place for people to come together and help each other discover what it is to be human. We organize events to facilitate thriving support networks, intellectual stimulation, reflection, and skills development. Ultimately, we are just a welcoming, kind, fascinating, slightly strange, but hilarious group of people who make any excuse to help each other and have fun.

UQ Advanced Humanities Society (UQAHS)

Founded in 2021, the UQ Advanced Humanities Society aims to support students studying the Bachelor of Advanced Humanities. UQAHS creates a space for students to get to know one another outside the classroom setting, foster relationships across cohorts, and get the most out of university life. By working with course staff, UQAHS also supplements degree content with activities designed to further student’s understanding and skills.

SBMS Student Academic and Social Society (SBMS SASS)

The role of the School of Biomedical Sciences Student and Academic Social Society (SBMS SASS) is to promote networking, collegiality and community spirit among all members of the School through the hosting of special events, activities and fundraising.

Australian Legal Philosophy Students Association (ALPSA)

Legal philosophy, or jurisprudence, encompasses a broad range of questions. These include, what is law, what makes a legal system, what sorts of punishment are appropriate and what is the goal of law.

By encouraging and rewarding the study of legal philosophy, both in law school and in legal practice, ALPSA seeks to uphold the importance, relevance and power of legal philosophy. In doing so, we seek to foster creative and critical thinking, and a sense of social justice, in our members and the broader public. We hold seminars, a national essay competition with cash prizes, and social events each year.

UQ Biotechnology Society (UQBTS)

We are the University of Queensland’s founding Biotechnology Student Society. We aim to provide socialising, networking and industrial events and opportunities. Thus, overall enhancing the student experience.

UQ Korean Medical Society (UQKMS)

University of Queensland Korean Medical Society is an organisation that aims to provide and support opportunities for our fellow students to improve academically in a safe environment, to network those across various years within MD and the community, and to socialise and meet new peers in small groups. We are primarily composed of those of Korean background but anyone is welcome! Please join the Facebook group and contact us via our account if you’re interested