UQ InterCollegiate Meat Judging (UQ ICMJ)

UQ ICMJ is an Agriculture-focused club, giving students the opportunity to build careers in the meat industry. ICMJ members learn the fundamentals of meat quality and have the chance to attend two conferences, including the Northern Beef Conference and the ICMJ Wagga Conference, where students can showcase their learnings in meat judging, through a series of competitions. Networking with industry professionals is a key aspect of ICMJ, giving students a foot in the door with prestige Ag companies, this is fundamental to building careers and relationships in the industry.

UQ Brain & Spine (UQBnS)

Welcome to UQ Brain and Spine, the vibrant student club at the University of Queensland dedicated to neuroscience, neurology, and neurosurgery. We bring together medical students and undergraduates with a shared passion for understanding the complexities of the brain. Our club provides a unique platform for students interested in both the medical and research aspects of neuroscience. We organize engaging events such as dementia symposiums, discussions on epilepsy research, and physician and researcher-guided journal clubs.

Student Society of Frazer Institute (SSoFI)

The Student Society of Frazer Institute (SSoFI), formally known as UQ-DISE, is a student-run committee with the purpose of supporting the numerous students, from undergraduate to HDR, studying at the Frazer Institute. Our main goal is to help form connections between students across various types of study and research specialties. Frazer Institute is based off-campus at the Translational Research Institute (TRI) next to the Princess Alexandra Hospital. SSoFI runs various events throughout the year, aimed at promoting a social, inclusive and collaborative atmosphere for all students within the Frazer Institute. Notably, we offer several social and career development events (listed below), and a buddy program to assist new students who are settling into TRI by supporting their transition into the research lifestyle, HDR life and Brisbane.

UQ Pakistani Students’ Association

The UQ Pakistani Students’ Association is a Brisbane based club run by and for students of Pakistani/origin studying at the University of Queensland. The club aims to represent Pakistani students on campus, organise events and nurture an environment that allows both domestic and international students at UQ to stay connected to their culture. The club welcomes and hosts students and staff of all backgrounds to its events and has worked in collaboration with other international clubs on campus as well.

UQ Cyber Squad (UQCS)

UQ Cyber Squad, or as some like to call us; The UQ Hacking Club. We’re a band of proud Cyber Security enthusiasts who want to solve challenges and learn a thing or two. Plus have a lot of fun along the way!

UQ Oncology (UQOnc)

UQOnc unifies like-minded individuals with a passion for all things cancer-related. We aim to promote research, raise funds, and ultimately improve care and outcomes for those living with or afflicted by cancers of all forms. We provide academic, social, and career-specific opportunities for students in both medical and allied health disciplines.

UQ Fintech

Established in late 2020, UQ Fintech aims to actively facilitate the professional development of the University of Queensland’s keen problem-solving students into the next generation of industry problem solvers.

UQ Anthropology Society (UQAS)

The University of Queensland Anthropology Society’s (UQAS) mission is to build, maintain, and nurture a community of people interested in anthropology. Whether you took one course in anthropology 30 years ago, or currently completing a PhD with years of experience under your belt, UQAS is a place for people to come together and help each other discover what it is to be human. We organize events to facilitate thriving support networks, intellectual stimulation, reflection, and skills development. Ultimately, we are just a welcoming, kind, fascinating, slightly strange, but hilarious group of people who make any excuse to help each other and have fun.