UQ Agricultural Science Society (UQ ASS)

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Agriculture Science can join the UQ Agricultural Science Society. We provide extracurricular networking and learning activities to ensure that you graduate from UQ with a comprehensive understanding of the agricultural industry.

The University of Queensland Agribusiness Association (UQAA)

The University of Queensland Agribusiness Association (UQAA) serves as the student association for all students within Agribusiness or related dual degree programs. UQAA aims to connect students with career-enhancing opportunities and potential employers by partnering with a diverse range of Agribusinesses.

Gatton Student Association (GSA)

The Gatton Student Association, affectionately known as the GSA, is an association for the students of Gatton, voted in by the students of Gatton. We host a vast array of social events that run all year round!

UQ Evangelical Students (ES)

Evangelical Students (ES) is a community of Christian students who seek to grow in God’s Word and be trained together to reach the campus and the world for Christ.