UQ Minorities in Media Society(UQMiMS)

UQMIMS aims to increase the visibility of minority groups (especially LGBTQIA+, Disability, and diverse cultures and backgrounds) on campus and promote our inclusion and perspectives within the literature, film, television, and poetry we consume!

Join us for discussion and sharing media within the group, as well as attending and supporting local events such as the Undercover Artist Festival and Pride Film Festival.

UQ Public Speaking Society(UQPSS)

The UQ Public Speaking Society aims to provide an inclusive and supportive environment to practice your public speaking skills, no matter your skill level! We offer members fortnightly meetings and workshops on different aspects of public speaking. There will also be opportunities to network with guest speakers who have used public speaking in their careers.

UQ Radiology Interest Group (UQRIG)

UQRIG aims to increase medical student’s knowledge & exposure to the field of radiology. We want to help you realise your passion for medical imaging by providing networking, research, & educational opportunities!

UQ Linguistics Society (LINGSOC)

LingSoc unifies like-minded individuals with a passion for the ways communication tethers community, and how we as a community can tether history to reigniting language. We provide academic, social, and career-specific opportunities, enabling students and staff to unpack their true potential within the vastness of the linguistic sphere.

UQ Engineering World Health (UQ EWH)

The Engineering World Health UQ chapter aims to contribute to EWH’s mission to inspire, educate and empower the biomedical engineering community to improve health care delivery in low-income countries.

UQ Handcraft & Art Club (UQHAC)

We are the most friendly group who introduce you to resin, candle, soap, bookmark, sewing and all other handcraft makings, Hope you can find a hobby and your hobby buddies in here ; ) discover new hobbies? want to start a small hobby business? or an internet influencer? we are the right club for you.

UQ Agricultural Science Society (UQ ASS)

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Agriculture Science can join the UQ Agricultural Science Society. We provide extracurricular networking and learning activities to ensure that you graduate from UQ with a comprehensive understanding of the agricultural industry.

UQ Wildlife Association (UQWA)

The University of Queensland Wildlife Association (UQWA) aims to connect likeminded students in wildlife-based studies with the support and networking needed to thrive while studying and post-graduation. UQWA strives to represent the wildlife science student body as a whole and ensure that they are accurately and strong represented within the Gatton Campus community. However, the Wildlife Association isn’t just for students studying the Bachelor of Wildlife! Anyone with a passion for conservation and wildlife… native or exotic are welcome to join!

This year we hope to provide enriching opportunities and amazing social events, which you definitely won’t want to miss!

Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for event updates and related news! @UQWildlifeAssociation

UQ Formula Racing Society (UQFRS)

We are the UQ Formula Racing Society — lovers of F1, F2, F3 and Formula E, but basically, all that Formula Motorsport has to offer. We provide a community for both old and new fans, or anybody that is interested in learning more, to celebrate, laugh about and discuss Formula 1.