Queensland University Games Society (QUGS)

The members of the Queensland University Games Society enjoy playing a broad range of game genres including abstract strategy, bluffing, cooperative, deck building, drafting, engine building, press your luck, role playing, set collection, worker placement, and many more. A full list of the society’s games can be found on our website at qugs.org.au/collection

UQ English and Literature Society (UQEELS)

Welcome! UQ’s English and Literature Society is passionate about all things literature and how books provide a unique way to see the world. This is a space for you to share your favourite books, writers and authors with other fellow students!

UQ BTS Purple Lounge

BTS PURPLE LOUNGE is UQ’s first ever club dedicated to the Korean pop sensation known as BTS! We seek to connect fans of the group from across the campus through events that are sure to brighten your day!

UQ Karaoke Club

At the UQ Karaoke Club we love nothing more than to sing the night away, but we aim to do much more! We want to create a fun and inclusive environment for everyone to connect and make friends, as well as create a sense of community for new and existing students where they can network, meet people from different faculties and cultural backgrounds. We host killer karaoke events, but also a range of other activities too! We also look forward to epic collabs with like-minded clubs where we love to give people a chance to meet people they wouldn’t usually meet!

Chess Club (UQCC)

University of Queensland Chess Club (UQCC) is a club that is affiliated with the University of Queensland Union and the Chess Association of Queensland. We hold a variety of events from beginner classes to tournaments and our regular social chess events occur weekly on Wednesday afternoons from 4:00pm until 6:00pm.  You can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/uqchessclub/ where we regularly post event updates or contact us personally at chessclubuqcc@gmail.com.”

UQ Society of Fine Arts (SoFA)

The UQ Society of Fine Arts (SoFA) is an inclusive and exciting collective for art lovers at the University of Queensland. Endeavouring to contribute to UQ’s artistic discourse through fun events, collective gallery visits and community, SoFA is a one stop shop for anyone who is curious or passionate about art.

Gatton Student Association (GSA)

The Gatton Student Association, affectionately known as the GSA, is an association for the students of Gatton, voted in by the students of Gatton. We host a vast array of social events that run all year round!

UQ Film Appreciation Society (UQFAS)

Founded in 2014, UQ FAS aims to inspire, promote, and foster a love of film and cinema. Supported by Five Star Cinemas, we host weekly film screenings (both on and off campus), and regularly facilitate discussions about the role of art and cinema in the modern world. At UQ FAS we believe in art as an incubus for change, and value our role as a hot-house of ideas, opinions, and above all else; great cinema.