UQ Tamil Society (UQTAS)

Welcome to the UQ Tamil Society, a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of the Tamil language, literature, and culture at the University of Queensland. The UQ Tamil Society is here to enrich your university experience by embracing the vibrant elements of the Tamil community while building lasting memories and lifelong connections.

UQ Thai Students’ Association (UQTSA)

The University of Queensland’s Thai Students’ Association (UQTSA) is a cultural club within the University of Queensland that aims to promote diversity and inclusion, foster cultural awareness, and build a sense of community among individuals who share an interest in Thai culture regardless of their ethnicity. We hope that the community we build will be able to connect people with similar experiences and perspectives and build lasting friendships and networks.

UQ Pakistani Students’ Association

The UQ Pakistani Students’ Association is a Brisbane based club run by and for students of Pakistani/origin studying at the University of Queensland. The club aims to represent Pakistani students on campus, organise events and nurture an environment that allows both domestic and international students at UQ to stay connected to their culture. The club welcomes and hosts students and staff of all backgrounds to its events and has worked in collaboration with other international clubs on campus as well.

International Students Engagement Association (ISEA)

UQISEA is a multicultural association with the members from different backgrounds. We aim to help new students to be smoothly adapt to new environment of living, studying and working in Australia. We are also working with other associations and partners to not only enhance social engagement of International students to local communities but also improve the quality of interaction amongst local communities and international students. What’s more, UQISEA also arranges varieties of activities helping international students to engage with Australian environment and to develop soft skills through interactions with local communities.

Saudi Students Association (SSAUQ)

The Saudi Students Association at UQ has three aims‎: ‎1.‎ Contribute to creating a positive and social environment to help current Saudi students and their families ‎to achieve their academic and non-academic goals.‎ ‎2.‎ Create an experience transfer link between prospective, current and graduated students.‎ ‎3.‎ Introduce the culture of Saudi Arabia to UQ students and getting to know the custom and traditions of ‎‎others students.‎

UQ International Student Society (UQISS)

The UQ International Students Society is a platform to bring all International students together. We aim to break barriers and unify cultures through our events. We are a society that aims to help international students adapt to their new life in Brisbane by organising events to meet new people. UQISS organises cultural events in collaboration with other clubs. JOIN THE UQ’s GLOBAL SQUAD!!!

University of Queensland Bangladesh Association (UQBDA)

The University of Queensland Bangladesh Association (UQBDA) is a common platform for students from Bangladesh (current, past and future) as well as academics and staff members at The University of Queensland. The association aims to represent and promote Bangladeshi culture and heritage. UQBDA organizes several events that cater to the social, intellectual and cultural aspects of our Bangladeshi community. Another objective of this association is to maintain a rapport and strengthen the network with other Bangladesh student’s associations in Australian universities. Moreover, the association endeavors to establish collaboration between UQ and Bangladesh regarding research and student enrollment from Bangladesh.

UQ Persian Society (UQPS)

An Iranian students association of The University of Queensland. We are aiming to maintain the friendly relationship between Persian speaking students in all universities located in Brisbane.