UQ Monarchist League (UQML)

We are a grassroots society that is spreading the message on campus and across the nation that our constitutional monarchy is the best system to maintain the political stability and security of Australia.

UQ Labor Left Club (UQ LLC)

We are a diverse group of students that believe a better society can be achieved through socialism, unionism, feminism, and democracy. Our club hosts regular social and political events centred around advocating for positive change.

One for the World (OFTW)

One for the World is a volunteer-run organisation that focuses on eradicating extreme poverty through effective means of charitable giving. We recognise that many of us have good intentions and wish to do good, but often do not know how to turn these desires into action. At OFTW UQ, we seek to actualise realistic and reasonable means through which we can assist the eradication of extreme poverty by encouraging long-term effective giving and the commitment to philanthropic principles.

UQ Menzies

The University of Queensland Menzies Society (UQ Menzies) is the home of Liberal and National students on campus and is a centre-right, social and freedom-loving club. From being champions for free speech and association to the promotion of reward for effort, UQ Menzies aims to be the premier club at UQ for liberals and conservatives.

Climate Action Now! (UQ CAN!)

Climate Action Now! (UQ CAN!) is a climate action collective, part of the global movement for climate action and the international campaign calling on institutions to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in solutions to climate change. We believe that UQ has a responsibility to be a leader in the fight against climate action. Our goal is to educate and act to ensure climate justice. We are demanding that UQ divest from fossil fuels (learn more at gofossilfree.org), and acknowledge that we are in a climate crisis (learn more at https://www.timeshighereducation.com/blog/why-universities-need-declare-ecological-and- climate-emergency). If UQ is serious about their vision for ‘knowledge leadership for a better world’ then we demand that the university ensures that we are applying the science surrounding climate change and taking action to prevent further deleterious impacts which are directly linked to the climate crisis. Join us to help create a better world, because UQ CAN!

Socialist Alternative UQ (SA UQ)

We are a socialist activist club that organises around climate justice, refugee rights and LGBTI and gender equality. We host regular meetings on campus to discuss politics and why we need an alternative to capitalism.

Pro Bono Econos UQ (PBE UQ)

Pro Bono Econos was established to provide free and exceptional consulting services to not-for-profits around the world. We work with organisations to help solve their complex and challenging problems while simultaneously providing an invaluable learning and growth opportunity for our UQ student volunteers.

Refugee Tutoring Club (UQRTC)

UQ’s Refugee Tutoring Club is a not-for-profit society run by UQ student volunteers. The society aims to support young refugee people in the Brisbane area through tutoring high school and TAFE subjects.

Responsibility to Protect Student Coalition (R2PSC)

The Responsibility to Protect Student Coalition (R2PSC) at UQ is a humanitarian and social justice group that seeks to normalise atrocity prevention through the effective implementation of the R2P principle. The UQ R2PSC is directly affiliated with the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, the region’s leading organisation for research and advancing policy on the Responsibility to Protect; a framework for preventing and responding to atrocity crimes, namely genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing. The UQ R2PSC’s key missions include engaging with partners across the region to protect vulnerable communities from atrocity crimes, while serving to empower the next generation of young leaders to actively create positive change in the world.

UQ Veg Society

We are a social club for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who is curious about a veg-based lifestyle. Membership is only $5 and gets you a discount to over 35 veg-inclined businesses in Brisbane. Our events include potlucks, food crawls, movie screenings, activism and more. We are @uqvegsociety on Facebook an