University of Queensland International Law Society (UQILS)

The UQILS exposes students to international legal issues and international law competitions. It provides opportunities to hear from speakers, and to engage in a variety of practice areas including public law, private international law, international arbitration, international human rights law, international criminal law, and international environmental law. We bring together engaged young professionals, both undergraduate and postgraduate, to discuss pertinent issues affecting the international legal discourse. We foster a supportive environment that produces complex discussions and understanding.

Justice and the Law Society (JATL)

JATL is a student society that aims to promote student discussions about the intersection between the law and social justice, whilst providing opportunities for professional networking and career development.

UQ Greens (UQG)

We are a student-run club for supporters of the Queensland Greens. We are Queensland’s fastest-growing political student club. 

UQ Red Cross Society (UQRCS)

We are the bridge between our members and the Australian Red Cross. When you join our club you not only get to volunteer with any Australian Red Cross program, but you can also get involved with any of our social, fundraising, volunteering and professional development events.

UQ Australian Labor Party Club (ALP Club)

The club at UQ for students interested in progressive policy and supporting an Australia that works for all us. We hold numerous events based around Labor Party policy, campaigns and members. Join our club for a fairer Australia.

Oxfam UQ

Oxfam UQ is an award-winning Social/Environmental Justice Group and one of the oldest and largest groups from the University of Queensland. Oxfam UQ is directly affiliated with and part of Oxfam Australia. One of our key mandates is to creatively represent the ideals and campaigns of Oxfam Australia, such as Indigenous Rights, Climate Change, Worker’s Rights, Corporate Responsibility and Gender equity while empowering our community to become engaged and active citizens for change.

Effective Altruism UQ (EAUQ)

Effective Altruism UQ is a community striving to use reason and evidence to do the most good. We discuss pressing global problems and how to make the most of our careers and charitable donations.