Cosy Gamers Club (UQCGC)

The UQ Cosy Gamers Club is a welcoming and inclusive social club for video-gamers of all kinds. Whilst the community is fostered under the guise of cosy videogames, we embrace a diverse range of gamers in our cosy and friendly environment! Those who join the club will be able to create meaningful friendships, through a range of online and in-person events.

UQ Mahjong Society (UQMS)

The University of Queensland Mahjong Society (UQMS) is a non-profit student society based at the UQ St. Lucia campus. UQMS strives to create a community of Mahjong players from different countries, cultures and backgrounds who come together to socialize, network, make new friends, learn from one another and more importantly have fun!

UQ Brain & Spine (UQBnS)

Welcome to UQ Brain and Spine, the vibrant student club at the University of Queensland dedicated to neuroscience, neurology, and neurosurgery. We bring together medical students and undergraduates with a shared passion for understanding the complexities of the brain. Our club provides a unique platform for students interested in both the medical and research aspects of neuroscience. We organize engaging events such as dementia symposiums, discussions on epilepsy research, and physician and researcher-guided journal clubs.

UQ Travellers Club (UQTC)

Welcome to the official website of UQ Travellers Club, a vibrant student club where students get a chance to escape the university stress and explore the best of Australia. Discover the beauty of both popular and offbeat destinations along side other like-minded travellers. Our club organises trips to showcase the breathtaking landscape of Australia. Beyond sightseeing, we also help foster a community of friendship and personal growth with various games and events on campus. We encourage participation from all walks of life – from nature lovers to history enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies to curious souls seeking new connections, there’s a place for everyone within our club.

Wordsmiths UQ Writing Society (UQWS)

Welcome to the official website of Wordsmiths – UQ Writing Society, a vibrant community that celebrates the art of creative writing in all its forms. Our society is dedicated to promoting a shared interest in the written word, fostering an environment where aspiring writers can flourish, and creating a network of individuals passionate about writing.

UQ Naatak (NTK)

UQ Naatak is a society based at the University of Queensland primarily focused on producing and developing quality Indian theatre and film productions as well as showcasing all of India’s regional and creative diversity through regular film screenings.

UQ Reality Labs (UQRL)

The University of Queensland Reality Labs is a Brisbane-based technology student club catering to both undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in the Extended Reality (XR) space including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). We organize a wide variety of events for our members which include educational sessions, networking events, movie nights and more!

UQ Tamil Society (UQTAS)

Welcome to the UQ Tamil Society, a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of the Tamil language, literature, and culture at the University of Queensland. The UQ Tamil Society is here to enrich your university experience by embracing the vibrant elements of the Tamil community while building lasting memories and lifelong connections.