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Creating an empowered, connected & supported student community through giving back.
Creating an empowered, connected & supported student community through giving back.
Getting involved with your student union through volunteering is a great way to give back to your student community and make a meaningful impact. Our volunteers contribute significantly to how we can support students through our services, initiatives, and events. Your contribution as a UQU Volunteer, no matter how big or small, helps us to reach and support more UQ students. 

Our volunteers are the heart of what UQ Union represents: aiming to foster a sense of belonging so that every student feels welcome and wanted at UQ. Volunteering can make a genuine difference to your life and the lives of other students – so find out more about what you can do for volunteering, and what volunteering can do for you.

What Can You Do For Volunteering?

UQ Union needs passionate, driven students that represent our mission of giving back to the community and creating an inclusive campus where every student feels supported. We have many opportunities for our volunteers to contribute and we are completely flexible with the volunteering opportunities available so you can volunteer a little, or a lot, for one particular program or for lots of different programs. Whatever works for you!  

Our requirements? That you have passion and a positive attitude!  

What Can Volunteering Do For You?

Volunteering in your student community is a great opportunity to connect with students and contribute to making a difference to their lives. It also can enrich your own life in numerous ways.  
Social Benefits
If you’re wanting to meet new people or to brush up on your social skills – volunteering is a wonderful way to connect and build healthy relationships. It helps you to keep in contact with others, meet people from diverse backgrounds, and develop good social habits – such as communication, teamwork and empathy. While this is beneficial to your personal life and helps to strengthen your ties to your community – it can also apply to developing soft skills for your future work endeavours!  
Share Your Talents & Develop Skills 
Volunteering can help you share your passions and talents in a way that benefits you and others. It can help you take initiative and gives you the opportunity to practice important skills such as problem solving, organisation and planning. When you step out of your comfort zone – you can achieve anything!  
Feel Accomplished and Purpose 
By contributing your time to volunteering and achieving goals – you can know and feel that you’re a part of something bigger. Your work helps to provide for the community, and give back to those who need more support. By committing your time – you represent the importance of being a part of a strong community.  
Amy Tran
Volunteering with UQU has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and further enhance my soft skills.

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